Superintendent’s Report – June 2016

Superintendent’s Report – June 2016

We are continuing to take steps to meet the recommendations outlined in our recent Homeland Security Audit. Since our last Board meeting our School Resource Officer D’Alessandro has completed a grant for two emergency radios.  We hope to have the radios by September 1st. We are also moving ahead towards the purchase of two high resolution exterior cameras that will allow us to more closely monitor the front entrance of both school buildings. In addition, we hope to purchase front door safety film that would be installed over the summer.

The Hinsdale Elementary School Building Improvement Committee has met twice since our last Board meeting. In addition several subcommittees have met. The HES Building Improvement Committee subcommittees include the following:

Finance: James MacDonell, Courtney Hodge, Tom O’Connor, Kaylah Hemlow, Sean Leary

Public Relations: April Anderson, Steve Fecto, Courtney Hodge, Kaylah Hemlow, Sean Leary

Curriculum: Deb Carrier, Joe Boggio

Facilities: Shawn Lee, James MacDonell, James O’Malley, Sean Leary, Wayne Woolridge

The HES Building Improvement Committee and the subcommittees plan to meet over the summer with a goal to provide a detailed progress report to the Board at the August 17th Board meeting.

 The HES Building Improvement Committee members include the following: Sean Leary, Jim O’Malley, James MacDonell, Joe Boggio, Steve Fecto, Deb Carrier, Shawn Lee, Courtney Hodge, April Anderson, Kaylah Hemlow, Tom O’Connor, and Wayne Woolridge.

The NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) recently e-mailed letters and information packets to all SAUs, regarding to the potential occurrence of lead in school drinking water systems. NHDES is encouraging schools to test water from regularly used taps for lead that may be leaching from internal plumbing and fixtures and review their plumbing network to ensure high-risk lead components have been identified and removed. At our May 27th Facility and Maintenance Committee meeting we met with Hinsdale Water Department Superintendent Dennis Nadeau.  Mr. Nadeau manages all tests of our school district water.  Our water assessments are up to date but Mr. Nadeau plans to test again over the summer so we can send a letter of assurance home to our families in our opening of school parent packet in late August.

We are making progress toward writing a grant that would better support our high school students preparing for careers, as well as provide support for adults in town who are unemployed or underemployed. Our Extended Learning Coordinator Karen Thompson and I spoke to the Hinsdale Board of Selectmen on May 23rd. The Hinsdale Board of Selectmen voted to unanimously support our initial effort to secure funds through the Workforce Development Act to provide support for adults in town who are unemployed or underemployed and to help our high school students improve their career preparation by increasing the enrollment of our graduates in credentialing and post-secondary education and by increasing job placements among participating business partners.

We continue to make progress towards achieving our Board goals.

  1. Goal: Develop a strategic plan, based on data, to address the long range needs of the district.

The HES Building Improvement Committee is in the process of creating a long range plan that if approved by the Board and the community would meet current needs and hopefully meet future code requirements and future enrollment demands.

  1. Goal: Develop and support initiatives to recruit and retain professional, highly qualified staff who are innovative, dynamic and dedicated to the success of all students.

Our district hires for 2016-2017 are outstanding. The hiring committees did a wonderful job.

  1. Goal: Provide a continuum of instruction at all ability levels, preschool through grade 12.

Principal Boggio, and the three teachers scheduled to teach in multi-age classrooms next year, completed several outside visitations where they saw multi-age classrooms in action and talked to area teachers who currently teach in multi-age classroom settings. By all reports the visits were successful.

With the addition of multi-age classrooms we should be able to more effectively manage our space restrictions for another year and at the same time increase our capacity to provide a continuum of instruction at Hinsdale Elementary School.

  1. Goal: Develop a budget and a technology plan that supports all aspects of the district. 

The Director of Technology has formed a task force that will be charged with a comprehensive review of our use of technology within the district. The task force will meet over the summer and intends to create a plan to present to the Board next fall.  The following staff are task force members: Donna Foster, Laura Bradley, Ally Mangan, Victoria Davis, Jodie Holmquist, Sarah Greene, Kristina Raymond, Justin Therieau, and Debbie Child Trabucco.

  1. Goal: Promote an atmosphere that supports a forward-thinking, professional learning community through ongoing, open communication and a culture of openness between the board, administration, staff, students, parents and the community.

Since our May Board meeting I have continued to build connections with the school community.  First, I have posted my June Board Report as a blog under the Superintendent section on the Hinsdale School District Web Site. I had previously posted my March, April, and May reports as well as my annual report.

In addition, I attended several Extended Learning Opportunity presentations, meeting parents at each presentation. I met with the Hinsdale Select Board. I attended our Memorial Day celebration. I spoke briefly at the Yearbook Assembly. I attended the Spring Concert. I applauded the seniors while managing traffic at the Senior Walk. I attended the Senior Awards and Graduation. I spoke to families at the First Grade Luncheon and grilled several hundred hot dogs. I also attended the Fifth Grade Graduation and met many parents while doing morning bus duty at our elementary school.