Staff List

John Barth (Principal)
Christopher Ponce (Assistant Principal)

Brittany Ball (MS English / Math)
Timothy Benson (Art / Coding)
Elizabeth Boggio (Grade 6)
Sarah Burgess (MS Special Services Case Manager)
Catherine Carter (MS Math)
Teresa Chiricella (HS Science)
Kelly Conlan (MS Science)
Tara Conway (HS Special Services Case Manager)
Theresa Diorio (MS English)
Jessica Faloretti (HS Social Studies)
Calvin Fortson (HS Math)
Sarah Greene (HS English)
Gina Hammett (Media Specialist)
Glen Hammett (HS English)
Matthew Bickford (Business)
Peter Hughes (HS Math)
Daniel Huntley (French)
Matthew Kennedy (Music)
Kaitlyn Leonard (Physical Education)
Telitha Lucier (HS Science)
Eloise Michael (HS Math)
Debra Noyes (HS Social Studies)
Martha Noyes (MS Math / English)
Jillian Perzan (MS English / Social Studies)
Kristina Raymond (MS Science)
Karen Robinson (HS English)
Katherine Savory (MS Special Services Case Manager)
Rebecca Sayan (Spanish)
Diane Steeves (Computers/Robotics)
Marilyn Strom (PE/Health)
Bonnie Trombly (Family Consumer Science)

Matthew Azzaro (9-12 Counselor)
Joe Smith (6-8 Counselor)

Tim Flemming (Student Assistance Counselor)
Justin Therieau (Director of Technology)
Sally Clark (Receptionist)
Patricia Wallace (Special Services Coordinator/Director of Special Services)
Connor Martin (Technical Support Specialist)
Cathy Johnson (Registrar)
Ericka Kilelee (Administrative Assistant)
Laura Leclair (Special Services Secretary)
Shawn Lee (District Facilities Manager)
Karen Thompson (Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment)
Palak Patel (Administrative Assistant)
Shawn Wood(Network Administrator)
Jan Zalneritis (Nurse)

Maryann O’Malley(Program Coordinator)