Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Staff List

Freitag, Ann (Principal)
Robinson, Sean (Assistant Principal)

Ball, Brittany (MS English / Math)
Benson, Timothy (Art / Coding)
Boggio, Elizabeth (Grade 6)
Burgess, Sarah (MS SPED Case Manager)
Carter, Catherine (MS Math)
Chirichella, Teresa (HS Science)
Conway, Tara (HS SPED Case Manager)
Erickson, Haylea (MS English)
Faloretti, Jessica (HS Social Studies)
Fortson, Calvin (HS Math)
Greene, Sarah (HS English)
Hammett, Gina (Media Specialist)
Holmquist, Jodie (Business)
Hughes, Peter (HS Math)
Huntley, Daniel (French)
Kennedy, Matthew (Music)
Keough, Alexa (HS English)
Leonard, Kaitlyn (Physical Education)
Lucier, Telitha (HS Science)
Michael, Eloise (HS Math)
Noyes, Debra (HS Social Studies)
Noyes, Martha (MS Math / English)
Patterson, Taylor (HS SPED Case Manager)
Perzan, Jillian (MS English / Social Studies)
Raymond, Kristina (MS Science)
Robinson, Karen (HS English)
Savory, Katherine (MS SPED Case Manager)
Sayan, Rebecca (Spanish)
Steeves, Diane (Computers/Robotics)
Strom, Marilyn (PE/Health)
Trombly, Bonnie (Family Consumer Science)
Venice, Bradley (Science)
Wahlstrom, William (Social Studies)

Crawford, Kody (9-12 Counselor)
Diorio, Theresa (6-8 Counselor)

Fleming, Tim (Student Assistance Counselor)
Child Trabucco, Deborah (Technology Director)
Clark, Sally (Receptionist)
Drogue, Teressa (School Psychologist)
Fenrich, Juliet (SPED Coordinator/Director of SPED)
Fike, Shannon (Technical Support Specialist)
Johnson, Cathy (Guidance Secretary)
Kilelee, Ericka (Administrative Assistant)
Leclair, Laura (SPED Secretary)
Lee, Shawn (District Facilities Manager)
McLaughlin, Catlin (Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment)
Patel, Palak (Administrative Assistant)
Therieau, Justin (Network Administrator)
Thompson, Karen (Director of Personalized Learning)
Zalneraitis, Jan (Nurse)

O’Malley, Maryann (Program Coordinator)

Hinsdale, NH

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