Hinsdale School Board 1st Place Magna Award Winner from NSBA for ELO Program

At the Annual School District Meeting on March 17, 2018 Mrs. Holly Kennedy, chair of the Hinsdale School Board, announced that the board was a first place winner for the National School Boards Association’s annual Magna Award.

Here is the text of her announcement:
Through their Magna Award program, the National School Boards Association recognizes school boards from across the country for innovation and creativity in helping to increase student achievement. The Magna Award program for 2018 focused on equity in education and recognizes school districts and their leaders for their efforts to bring educational equity to their students through programs that remove barriers to student achievement. Nationally, one grand prize winner and five first place winners are chosen in three enrollment categories; under 5,000 enrollment, 5,000 to 20,000 enrollment and over 20,000 enrollment.

The Hinsdale School Board has been chosen as a first place Magna Award winner in the under 5,000 enrollment category for the Hinsdale School District’s Extended Learning Opportunities Program.

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