Hinsdale, New Hampshire

Plans for a pivot day if necessary

The school board has determined that if there is a positive case in either school the district would go remote for at least 10 school days. There is another situation that could result in either building going remote and that is if staff or student absences reach a threshold that school would not be meaningful.

The elementary school has approached the critical shortage in staff earlier this school year and in order to be proactive developed a plan. Staff that exhibit symptoms associated with COVID 19 are required to stay out for 10 days or until a negative test result is attained and they are symptom-free. Therefore, predicting the cumulative impact of absences is possible.

The plan if the situation continues to worsen is laid out in three phases.

  • Phase 1 Teachers send home a “Pivot Day Packet” to be kept at home just in case the school has to close for any reason due to COVID-19.
  • Phase 2 On the day the school shortage becomes critical, parents are notified that the next day will begin remote instruction and the “Pivot Day Packet” should be used.
  • Phase 3 The current schedule for remote instruction will be followed thereafter until the shortage is no longer a problem.

For example, the school sends home the Pivot Day Packet next Tuesday. On Wednesday, the principal finds out there is a critical shortage. The school day is “managed” and a message is sent out that Thursday will be a remote learning day and the Pivot Day Packet should be used on Thursday. On Friday, the remote learning plan is implemented. In reviewing the critical shortage data the principal determines when the school can re-open for direct instruction.

Hinsdale, NH

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