Physical Education


Mr. Fecto – Physical Education Teacher

Hinsdale Elementary School

336-5332 ext 7609

Lesson/Unit Overview

Physical Education class for Elementary school-aged children consists of various movement experiences that are associated with fitness activities and concepts, which connects with social and cooperative experiences.

Some of the activities children engage in allow them to work on their individual skills (I), while other activities allow them to work on their cooperative skills (C) (teamwork).

The list below consists of some of the activities the children perform in Physical Education class during the year.

Soccer Skills (I & C)                                                                                          Striking/Hitting / Kicking Skills (I)

Frisbee Skills (I & C)                                                                                         Running/Jogging Skills(I)                              

Bowling Skills(I)

Hockey Skills(I & C)

Basketball Skills(I & C)

Gymnastics Skills(I)

Fitness Skills(I)

Paddle/Badminton Skills(I & C)

Jump Roping Skills(I)

Hula Hooping Skills(I)

Balance Skills(I)

Hopping and Jumping Skills(I)

Target Skills(I)