“At Hinsdale Middle/High School, we expect that our athletes will take this opportunity to be positive members of our community and role models to fellow students.  Remember, as an athlete, you represent our school and community and when you go to compete, you are the face of Hinsdale!  Participation on a HMHS athletic team is a privilege which should elicit great pride in both the student athlete and his/her family.  It is also an acceptance of responsibility which requires an extra commitment from those who wear our school colors of blue and white and represent their teammates, coaches, school and community.  Standards of behavior are high and a willingness to meet these standards is a condition of being a member of one of our teams.”

**Athletic Director: Sam Kilelee ( OR 603-336-5984 X 7845)

*Athletic Trainer: Erika Gray ( OR 603-336-5984 X 7818

 2018-2019 Game Schedule

Winter sports Schedule

Unified Basketball Schedule


 Winter Sports Practice Times:


Monday 12/17/18


High School Girls 3:00-5:00


JV Boys home vs Derryfield 5:30


Varsity Boys home vs Derryfield 7:00


MS Boys @ Leland and Gray 4:00- Leave Time 2:15


MS Girls @ Leland and Gray 5:15- Leave Time 2:15


Tuesday 12/18/18


MS Girls 3:00-4:00


MS Boys 4:00-5:00


JV Girls 5:00-6:30


Varsity Girls 6:00-7:30


High School Boys 7:30-9:00


Wednesday 12/19/18


MS Boys 3:00-4:00


MS Girls 4:00-5:00


JV Girls 5:00-7:00


High School Boys 7:00-9:00


Varsity Girls @ Derryfield 6 PM- Leave Time 3:30


Thursday 12/20/18


Unified 3:00-4:00


High School Girls 6:30-7:45


High School Boys 7:45-9:00


MS Girls home vs Kurn Hattin 4:00


MS Boys home vs Kurn Hattin 5:15


Friday 12/21/18


MS (Both teams) 3:00-4:00


Varsity Girls 4:00-5:30


Varsity Boys Home vs Nute 6:30


JV Girls @ Twin Valley 5:00- Leave Time 3:30




Coaches Contact Information—-
MS Boys Basketball-Mike Cavanna- (
MS Girls Basketball- Kegan Donohue- (
JV Boys Basketball- Chris Roberts- (
JV Girls Basketball- Al Putnam- (
Varsity Boys Basketball- Carl Anderson- (
Varsity Girls Basketball- Terry Bonnette- (
Unified Basketball- Sheila Cowing & Katie Leonard- ( & (



For information on varsity games, tournaments, and standings visit NHIAA (NH Interscholastic Athletic Association):

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