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Welcome to Research and Presentation!



Students will receive a Dojo class behavior grade every Friday. This is based on behavior and class participation. This is behavior grade and it is worth 15% of the final grade.

Assignments- All Assignments due AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS unless otherwise noted.

11/1/16- Signed Syllabus Due


Course Overview

Hello, and welcome to Research and Presentation! We will spend the next quarter exploring the proper alleys of creating a research project. This class aims to help students become stronger in doing research using different types of media (both electronic and non-electronic), as well as become more comfortable with doing short oral presentations. Throughout the quarter we will be answering the following question: What is informational writing?

Required Materials

  • 1½” Notebook
  • Blue composition notebook (Will be provided)
  • Pencils/Pens
  • HMS Assignment book

Grades & Scoring

A+ 97-100    B+ 87-89        C+ 77-79        D+ 68-69        F 0-64

A 94-96                    B 84-86          C 74-76           D 66-67

A- 90-93       B- 80-83         C- 70-73         D- 65


Projects: 30%

Classwork: 40%

Homework: 15%

Behavior: 15%



There will be many reflective pieces along the way, but the overarching focus of this class will be the research project and presentation created by the end of the quarter. This will be your big project, so make sure you give it the proper attention!


Students are required to attend class every day. If you are absent, you have two days to make up missing work. Missing work is located on the class cart in the library. If you are not in the room before or at the bell, I consider you tardy. You will require a late pass to enter the room.

NOTE: If you are aware of an upcoming absence, you must alert me so I can prepare your work.


One of the key elements to achieving a positive classroom learning environment is to establish a sense of respect amongst one another. That means respect to each other, to the teachers, to property, to self, and to opinions. . . We cannot and will NOT tolerate disrespect towards each other.  If I see or find that there are issues going on that instigate problems due to disrespect or hostility, than I will bring it up with the administrations. This includes bullying, stealing, cheating, destroying property, name calling, and insensitivity to one’s opinions or beliefs.

Ÿ This class takes place in the library. We MUST follow library rules. Bring only water!! NO FOOD OR OTHER BEVERAGES ALLOWED! THIS MEANS SNACKS!

Ÿ Kindness counts. Students may not correct each other’s grammar, pronunciation, or ideas.

Ÿ In this class we use a platform called Dojo ( to keep track of our behavior. Basically, when you positively impact our class’s environment, you get points, when you negatively impact it, you lose points. You and I will be recording your points on a daily basis. Your behavior is worth 15% of your grade. Part of this class is learning how to be responsible library users, learning positive behavior is extremely important. Your parent/guardian can choose to see your progress.


Most of the work in this class will be able to be completed during class time, but you will have homework if you don’t use class time wisely. You will be required to either hand write homework or type in Times New Roman, 12 pt. font with 1’ margins. Double spacing is required on all homework. Homework assignments can be found in PowerSchool and on my teacher website.

Late Policy: If you do not have your homework on the day it is due, you may turn it in the next day with the highest grade possible being a 90%. Two days late is a 80%, and three days is a 70%. Any later than that is a 0%. This is a district-wide policy.


This quarter, you will learn about what goes into writing a stellar research paper!

1. Proposals

2. Research & finding reliable sources

3. How to search for relevant information

4. Citing sources properly

5. Creating a presentation

6. What makes a “good” presentation

Course Schedule (Subject to Change)

Week Subject  
1 Hello, Library.  
2 What is research?  
3 The Proposal, Citations, More research  
4 Outline, More research  
5 Paragraph Structure, More research  
6 Finish Up Research, Formatting on the Computer!  
7 1st Draft, Self- Edit, PowerPoints  
8 Peer Edits, Presentation How-To  
9 Presentations  



Research and Presentation Syllabus