Mrs. Burgess



My name is Sarah Burgess and I am the 7th/8th grade Case Manager and Special Educator at Hinsdale Middle School.  I am currently supporting 8th grade English, 8th grade math, and 8th grade science in the general education classroom.

8th Grade English:

Students are currently reading the Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer.  They have a vocabulary quiz this Friday December 14, 2018.  The Quarter 2 Book Reports are due Wednesday January 16, 2019.  Ms. Ball’s website can be found here:

8th Grade Math:

Students are working on Graphing Linear Equations and Finding Slope.  They have a quiz on Wednesday December 12, 2018.  Mr. Venice’s website can be found here:

8th grade Science:

Students will be moving onto a new book this week and learning about Motion and Speed.  Mr. Venice’s website can be found here:

My Educational Philosophy:

I believe all students can achieve success in school and meet the same standards regardless of their learning style.  Each student takes a different learning path that allows them to successfully achieve those standards.  I believe it is my job to help students who learn differently so they can feel success when in a classroom with their peers.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions: 603-336-5984 x7866 or