Mr. Hammett

Welcome to Mr. Hammett’s teacher page.  The schedule of events will be updated weekly.  Please note that these schedules are subject to change in order to  accommodate for the pace of each class.  Below are links to each course outline.


English 11

Literature of Nature


5.19 -5.22 Remote Learning update.

English 10 & English 11.  We are using this week to catch up on work from remote learning.  Independent Reading Projects should be done and turned in.  If you are not finished, don’t lose faith.  Keep plugging away.  I am also going to post your final here, so those who are caught up can get a jump on it.  It is due Wednesday the 27th.  School ends on the 29th.  Please email me any questions.

English 10 remote learning final

English 11 remote learning final

Literature of Nature.  Many of you are chipping away at the Nature Nooks.  You need 10 total for all of Remote Learning.  Additionally, there are several assignments on Yammer that folks can still turn in with no late penalty.  The final is below.  It is due Wednesday the 27th.  School ends on the 29th.  You may turn it in early.    Please email me any questions.

Literature of Nature final exam




5.5 – 5.15 Remote Learning update.  

English 10 & English 11.  Many of you are behind on the project.  These will be catch up weeks.  The final projects were due Wednesday, 5.6; however, there is no late penalty.  Chip away this week, and let me know if you have questions.

Literature of Nature – These are catch up weeks (5.5-5.15).  If you haven’t submitted 10 Nature Nooks, you are behind.  Take this week to work on those.  Also, there are song and poetry assignments on our Yammer page.  If you haven’t done those, work on those as well.  





4.6 Remote Learning update – It is crucial that all students check their class Yammer page regularly!

Greetings students.  I hope you are all safe and healthy.  We sure miss seeing you folks on a daily basis.  Here is the updated work through the end of April.  Please email me and cc Ms. Olsen with questions (for English 10 & English 11 students).

English 10 & 11, please click on the link from below to access the Independent Book Project.

Independent Book Project   *updated 4.8

Literature of Nature, please click on the link below to access your work for the next segment.

LON remote learning 4.6 -5.4


Greetings students.  We are thinking about your health and safety during these tough times.  Below you will find outlines for your English class.  Please contact us through email if you are having any questions.


Ms. Olsen

Mr. Hammett


English 11

  • Finish reading Things Fall Apart by Monday April 6.
  • Throughout the reading, complete the attached literature worksheets.
    • These are to ensure comprehension and accountability.
    • These can all be handed in April 6 as a packet.
    • These are available in links below or can be picked up at the school.
  • There will also  be a written essay prompt.

You Laughed And laughed And Laughed by Gabriel

Literature Notes.docx

TFA Characters

Plot Web

TFA Tragic Hero swag


 English 10

  • Chapter 20 Rhetorical Analysis Mini-Essay
    • Due Wed 3/25 via email or bus pick up
  • Finish To Kill a Mockingbird by Monday April 6.
  • Throughout the reading, complete the attached literature worksheets
    • These are to ensure comprehension and accountability.
    • Links below, packets are available at school.

Character Analysis


Literature Notes.docx

Plot Web

Rhetorical Triangle Notes


rhetorical triangle essay prompt

Literature of Nature


Clink the link below for outline during closing.

LON school closing

*Note.  There are extra textbooks available in the office.






























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