Mr. Fidrych

Grade 7 English

In English 7, students must read and comprehend grade-level fiction and nonfiction texts.  They must also be able to communicate their ideas orally and through written means.  Students read closely, applying reading strategies to draw inferences and analyze texts, and integrate outside knowledge in their reflections and discussions of the texts.  Not only are students required to determine the main ideas of what they read, but they also need to cite textual evidence to support their argument in extended responses.  Understanding author’s craft through studying literary devices, diction, and format is emphasized.  Students are required to participate as members of a literate community, discussing literature and writing, and listening respectfully to others.

In Writing 7, students must be able to effectively develop, write, and analyze the main formats of writing such as arguments, informative texts, and narratives. In their writing, the students are expected to organize and maintain evidence of their writing process, which will enable them to create effective, coherent, pieces of writing while utilizing time management skills. Computers are an integral part of this class and are utilized for research, revision, and publication. There is also an emphasis on oral presentation skills that students learn and acquire by presenting their published work with their peers. The Hinsdale Middle High School writing rubric is used mostly to assess student’s work along with an oral presentation rubric. Other school wide assessments used include the class discussion rubric and the participation rubric.

Weekly homework

Monday night: Vocabulary definitions

Tuesday night: Vocabulary sentences and SSR book

Friday: Vocabulary quiz


Quick Links:


Personal Narrative Project

Literature Circle Short Story Project


Mon- Vocab assigned; finish reading TMDG and work on comprehensive questions; questions not finished in class will be completed as homework (in addition to vocab)

Tues- Begin final short story unit project in literature groups; attached is an assignment of the project assignment; definitions due

Wed- Continue group work on our short story analysis; sentences due

Thurs- wrap up group work on short story project; begin presentations

Fri- Vocab quiz; Leiningen Vs. The Ants

2/1- 2/5

Mon- vocab assigned; read / discuss Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery

Tues- vocab ppt; wrap up The Lottery; read/assign The Most Dangerous Game. definitions due

Wed- SSR; Read/Discuss The Most Dangerous Game; sentences due

Thurs- Discuss TMDG; assign All Summer in a Day for homework

Fri- Vocab quiz; discuss All Summer in a Day

Week of 12/7- 12/11

Mon- Review ch 6 of HODD; read ch 7-8; vocab assigned

Tues: Review vocab; review 7-8 HODD

Wed: SSR; Literature circles for chapters 1-7; sentences due

Thurs: Finish lit circles; Continue reading ch. 9-10

Fri: Vocab quiz; Book talks; HODD




Mon: Film study


Wed: Roll out criteria and models of grade-level writing standards

Thurs: Examine models of grade-level writing standards and how we can improve our writing to meet these standards; workshop/brainstorm session on Midterm

Fri: Brainstorm on A-Z project; Outline due MONDAY


Week of 11/30-12/4

Mon: Wrap up Underground Railroad presentations; roll-out new book, The House of Dies Drear; assign vocabulary

Tues: Review Vocab; begin chapters 1-3 of HODD

Wed: SSR; sentences due; Chapters 3-5 of HODD; homework: chapters 4-6 HODD

Thurs: Review chapters 4-6; read chapter 7 and discuss

Fri: Vocab quiz; Book talks



Mon: Workshop/prep for final Narrative draft due Wed

Tues: Organize/prep for final due tomorrow

Wed: FINAL NARRATIVE DUE!! Begin looking at wrapping up personal narratives; continue on paragraph topics and idea organization

Thurs: Topic sentences, thesis statements, and essay organization

Fri: Personal narrative workshop; Impromptu speeches

Week of 11/9 – 11/13

Monday: Work on Bystander final project in groups; vocabulary assigned, definitions due tomorrow

Tuesday: Vocabulary PowerPoint; work on Bystander final projects for remainder of class; vocabulary sentences due tomorrow

Wednesday: No school, Veteran’s Day observed

Thursday: Grammar- verb tense and subject verb agreement; spend remainder of class on Bystander final project

Friday: Vocab quiz; present Bystander final project




Mon- Bystander chapter 22-25; practice for Friday’s recital of Poe’s The Raven

Tues- Bystander quiz, chapters 20-25; Raven pratice

Wednesday- Introduce final project; Bystander ch. 26-28

Thurs- Bystander ch. 29-32; Raven practice

Fri- Recite The Raven to 8th grade classes; WEAR BLACK CLOTHING! ******EXTRA CREDIT***** students that take it upon themselves to memorize their lines will have their lowest quiz grade dropped from the quarter. This might make the difference between a 79 and an 80, an 89 and a 90, etc! :)




Tues- Identify symbolism in writing; Raven practice





Mon: Vocab assigned; Bystander ch. 12-14

Tues: Definitions due; Bystander quiz ch. 8-12

Wed: Sentences due; Bystander ch 15; Lit circles

Grammar Thursday!: Review sentence types/identifying subject-object-verb in different forms of sentences; homework due Friday

Fri: Vocabulary quiz; Book Talks; Fun Friday



Mon: Sequencing maps due

Tues: Writing workshop- Conferences and rough draft writing

Wed: Writing powerful first sentences/transitions

Thurs: Writing workshop- Rough draft writing

Friday: Famous first lines


Mon: Vocabulary assigned; Finish Bystander through ch. 6 (MAPtesting put us behind last week!)

Tues: Bystander ch. 1-6 quiz; definitions due

Wednesday:SSR; Bystander ch. 7-8; sentences due

Thurs: Bystander ch. 9-10; Grammar

Fri: Vocab quiz; Bystander ch. 10 wrap up/begin ch. 11






Mon-Wednesday: Idea brainstorming for unit project- assignment attached!

Wed: Topic for project due with a 1 paragraph blurb about it. I will meet with students individually to discuss their status.

Thurs: Continue topic development; finish individually conferences

Fri: free write; topic developments


Monday- Vocab assigned; Bystander chapters 3-6

Tuesday – Vocab definitions due, sentences assigned; quiz chapters 1-6

Wednesday – SSR; sentences due; Bystander ch. 7-8

Thursday – Grammar lesson; Bystander ch. 9-10

Friday – Vocab quiz; Bystander wrap up ch. 10


Begin Bystander by James Preller. No vocabulary this week due to MAP testing. Role playing, scenario analysis, and comprehension techniques are our big focus in introducing this novel, as it pertains to a very important issue in the pupils’ lives. Expect a quiz on chapters 1-6 next week. No school due to Labor Day.