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September 2, 2016

The Art room is full of excitement as students begin to create their first projects of the year. Each K-5th grade student  is busy designing their own sketchbook cover. Sketchbooks are a place for children to practice newly learned techniques and skills, explore visual storytelling, try new drawing materials, and use their imaginations! Student sketchbooks will remain in the Art room throughout the school year. Students who complete their art projects early and have some class time left, have the opportunity grab their sketchbooks and work independently until class ends.

Themes and materials explored in sketchbook projects are listed below by grade:

Kindergarten- mark making and exploration of “tempera cake” paints
1st grade- line, shape, hot and cold colors, painting with watercolors
2nd grade- line, shape, texture, crayon
2nd/3rd multiage & 3rd grade- geometric and organic shapes, overlapping to create space, tissue paper and  water color technique
4th grade- line, shape, symmetry in design and color, painting
4th/5th multiage & 5th grade - observational drawing of art room objects, composition (how to arrange objects and use space), following a list of expectations, painting