Kindergarten News

October/November 2016

Mrs. Snide, Mrs. Carrier, Miss Martel

Academic Overview


  • We will finish Unit 1 of our reading program at the end of October. In November we will start Unit 2. We will work with the stories


                                       Target Skill: Character

                          Dig, Dig, Digging

                                      Target Skill : Classify and Categorize

                       Life in an Ocean

                                      Target Skill: Compare and Contrast

                       Armadillo’s Orange

                                     Target Skill : Setting

                       Animal Babies in Grasslands

Target Skill: Main Idea

High Frequency Words: have, is, yes, no, we, my, like

Home to School Connection: Please practice the high frequency words that have been introduced at this point in the school year.Common Core Standard RF.K.3c Read high frequency words by sight.




  • The Everyday Math program is used school wide.
  • During the months of October/November students will be exposed to and explore a variety of math concepts throughout the day.
  • Some concepts that will be reinforced during the months of October and November are coin recognition, recognizing numbers, number relationships, spatial vocabulary, and tricky teens.

Home to School Connection: We encourage you to practice having your child recognize and write numbers 1-20, counting forward and backwards from various numbers, and comparing numbers.

Common Core Standard

K.CC.2 Counting forward beginning from a given number

K.CC.4 Understand the relationship between numbers and quantities

K.CC.4A.B.C Understanding the sequence of numbers, numbers tell the number of objects, and number quantity means one larger



  • Students are learning letter sounds, and learning to correctly form lowercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Having the child write their name beginning with an uppercase letter and the rest of the letters lowercase is our goal for this month.
  • Children are now putting letters and sounds together to create CVC words

Home to School Connection: We encourage you to practice letter writing with your child.


Social Studies

  • The months of October and November consist of place in the world, holidays and customs, and wants and needs.



  • The Kindergarten science program encourages children to explore, observe, experiment and make predictions about the world in which they live.  A variety of resources and strategies are used to teach these concepts.  The focuses of these months will be the seasons, fire prevention, trees, and weather.


  Second Step

  • The Kindergarten Second Step program teaches children about the importance of being a good learner, family member and friend.
  • The program teaches children strategies that can be used to handle situations that they will encounter within their daily lives.
  • October and November lessons are; being assertive and recognizing their own and others feelings



                        October Dates to Remember              

October 15th is the PTA Color-Thon 9:30am at Heritage Park

October 20th HASP Lights On! 4-7pm

Literacy Parade October 31st at 1:45