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                   2015-2016    Fall Update   I hope to see you at Parent Teacher Conferences. We have been busy and students are doing really well with their academics! Our Learning Lab classes have been cashing in on our Marble Reward jar frequently (:  This month we decided on a little Halloween party. The Marble jar is a great motivation tool- students put in one marble for productive class time and one extra if they have completed their homework. The jar has been filled twice already which shows that they are meeting their responsibilities. As this Quarter ends, I look forward to future accomplishments from our students!                                                   apple

Greetings and Welcome !  I am looking forward to working with your children this year. I am particularly interested in helping students to develop their organizational skills in order to support the busy schedules they will have in Middle School.

In Learning Lab we will develop, strengthen, and practice writing skills using the Keys to Literacy (KTL) program and strategies.

My HIP group will have time each week for students to review their grades and plan their assignments in areas that need extra attention and support as well as enjoy the many enrichment opportunities that are offered.

I have been working in public and private schools since 2001, in grades K-8.  I especially enjoy Middle School and the opportunities for academic, social, and emotional growth that students have during this stage of their lives and education.

I believe in developing strong relationships with my students and their families, teaching and modeling consistent and positive behavior strategies, and holding high expectations while providing the positive motivation and strong support students thrive on.

I welcome your comments and am excited about working with your children this year.

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Ms.Kathleen Dowd,  M.Ed.