Family and Consumer Science

Welcome to Mrs. Trombly’s Webpage Assignments for each class follow this section of general information.  Click on the link for each week to see the class plan and assignments for the week (subject to change).

These are the things that you will need to bring with you to class every day:

  • A PENCIL OR PEN: You will be writing something every day in class so please come prepared! We will not have extra pens/pencils if you forget yours!
  • White lined paper or a notebook (optional)
  • AN OPEN MIND! We may be discussing potentially sensitive topics in class, so a willingness to discuss these topics and do so RESPECTFULLY is an absolute must!  You should be willing to try new foods and techniques as well.

Period 1  Foods This is a semester course open to all high school students.  Foods is a lab based food and nutrition program where students learn how to make healthy and nutritious food reflecting current national guidelines; how to prepare foods, appreciate food diversity, how science and tech impact foods and nutrition.  This course is inclusive of all facets of the Academic, Social and Civic Competencies, with particular focus on organizational skills both in independent and group settings and participation.

Foods Course Outline and Classroom Policies

Periods 4, 6 & 7 Family and Consumer Science This class gives students experiences in all areas of family and consumer science.  Students will look at ways to become successful, make friends, mange time and resources.  They will practice skills needed to prepare foods and planning meals.  In the textile unit they will learn to do laundry, repair clothes and create a project.  Following directions, teamwork and giving best efforts stressed. This course is inclusive of all facets of the Academic, Social and Civic Competencies, with particular focus on learning to take responsibility for individual actions and choices, and the importance of whole person wellness.

This class is primarily a discussion, discovery and labs class and utilizes Scholastic Choices Magazine for current issues.  You should have a folder or notebook to keep your work in.

Family and Consumer Science Course Outline and Classroom Policies 2018

Period 5 Chefs This course takes the complex world of food and breaks it into individual units of study. Students will choose several units of interest for in depth and creation of more complex recipes.  Meal planning and preparation topics are studied.  This course is inclusive of all facets of the Academic, Social and Civic Competencies, with particular focus on independent problem solving and task completion as well as the ability to offer and accept constructive criticism within a collaborative with other students.

This class utilizes textbook (Guide to Good Food), a variety of food related Magazines, Cookbooks, online recipes and research, and labs.  You will be provided a folder to keep research, recipes, and other class items in.

Chefs course outline

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