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 The Extended Learning Opportunites  Program is in its third year at HHS. It is one of the pathways students can use to demonstrate course competency to earn credit towards graduation and to learn ouside the traditional clasroom setting. Each student that participates in an Extended Learning Opportunity develops a individual learning plan based on their interest and need. The ELO is planned in advance and includes rigorous content. They offer authentic learning opportunites for students to collaborate with a certified teacher and a community partner and allow students to persue their passions in a hands-on/real world setting.

Extended Learning Opportunities include four components: Research, Reflection, Product and Presentation.

Reflection on their work during the process with a Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) and a mentor,

Research, to increase student understanding and knowledge, a

Product that demonstrates application of their targeted competencies, a

Presentation of Learning where they will demonstrate their understanding of their learning.[1]

[1] Mariane Gfroerer, “New Hampshire Extended Opportunities Handbook,” (NH Department of Education, 2009)

These four components are what drives the ELO learning and helps maintain rigor throughout the process and the students passion and personal interest in the topic is what makes the learning exciting and engaging.



   THE THREE  TIERS OF ELO’s- Learning comes together!



  Rigor- Meet high standards by aligning learning with course level competencies.

Relevance- Learning that is real-world and teach skills required to succees personally and professionally.

Relationships- Personal connections with teachers and mentors guarentee successful learning.


The NH Department of Education supports and encourages local school districts to adopt policies that encourage ‘extended learning’. Extended learning means: the primary acquisition of knowledge and skills through instruction or study outside of the traditional classroom methodology, including, but not limited, to

  • Apprenticeships
  • Community service
  • Independent study
  • Online courses
  • Internships
  • Performing groups
  • Private instruction





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