Health & Physical Education


High School Health: September 2018

September:  Introduction to Health: What is health? Review Human Anatomy; Review Six  types of health; New Math & Health, Organizations & Health, Government & Health

High School Physical Education Sept 2018

September: Review Health & Skill Fitness; Review motor skills; Repeat Health Fitness Testing; Review skills for several team or individual activities; New Borg Scale

Middle School Health 6th grade lst quarter Fall 2018

September: Introduction to Body Systems and Prevention of Illness or Injury

Anatomy Body Systems

  • KTL Level 1 & Level 2 question & answers
  • Media: Math Facts of the Human Body
  • Project/Experiments: Respiration & exercise
  • Research & Resources:
  • web, reading for understanding-articles/homework
  • Classwork:  Daily drawings, notes, discussion, research
  • Homework: Backpacks-article and questions

Middle School 7th grade Physical Education September lst quarter 2018

September:   Health Related Fitness & Skill Related Fitness

  • Intro to Health Related Fitness & Skill Related Fitness,
  • Circuit practicing Health/Skill related fitness activity and vocabulary
  • Fitness Testing in each of the Health related Fitness components
  • Motor skills 101-single and combined
  • Pedometers-what do they tell us and how can we use them?
  • Intro to Tennis  Individual Lifetime Activity
  • Intro to Soccer Team activity
  • Nutrition: How can it help me?
  • Sportsmanship: what does it look like?
  • Homework: Signed syllabus; paragraph on physical fitness, muscle anatomy and stretches