Health & Physical Education

Welcome to Health & Physical Education! 2017-2018

High School Health: October 2017

  • Group Project Body systems
  • Level I, II, III  & VI  practice Blooms
  • Keys to Literacy: Two Column notes for Research Informational Paper on Body System of choice
  • Write a minimum of a two page informational paper on the system of choice using Blooms Level I,II, III & VI.
  • Red Ribbon Week-Focus on Drug & Alcohol abuse
  • Analyze impact of D & A abuse
  • Short Term/Long term Effects of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
  • Process of addiction
  • Resources for help

High School: Physical Education October 2017

  • Explore and use activities that use aerobic and anaerobic energy systems
  • Identify and participate in activities that use one or more of the health related fitness concepts.(Flexibility and Muscular System)
  • Identify and participate in activities that use one or more of the six skill related fitness, Flag football, Tag games, Badminton, Soccer
  • Identify and construct strategies to enhance improvement in self and team play
  • Learn how to use the heart rate as an effective method to monitor fitness

Middle School:  Physical Education October 2017

  • Cardio activities will focus on aerobic energy system using heart rate
  • Compare & Contrast Pedometer Data between activities and intensity
  • Introduction to Soccer, Flag Football, Badminton
  • Introduction to Fitness room: weights/cardio machines

Middle School Health October 2017

  • Infectious disease: Notes, research a pathogen, disease & prevention project for school
  • Non Infectious disease: Notes, slide show, emphasis on prevention
  • Continue practicing with Level I & II  (Remembering/Understanding) Questions and answers
  • Self Esteem, Emotions, Use Decision Making Models
  • Nutrition: Nutrients, Use of, vocabulary-BMR, calorie, design a health meal
  • Violence Unit:  prevention, recognition, resolution

Elm School Health 4th 5th grade October 2017

  • Six parts of Health: Physical, Mental, Social, Spiritual, Environmental, Emotional
  • Infectious disease: Causes, Preventions