Health & Physical Education

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High School Health: March New semester Spring 2018

  • Nutrition Unit
  • Review of ten body systems, their function adding healthy habits to maintain them.
  • Digestive system: parts and function, dietary needs
  • Physical Fitness & Cardiovascular system: while studying exercise physiology, self-analysis of fitness via project using heart rate monitors.
  • Projects that emphasize cause & effect, most current research and data to support ideas.Nutrition project: Label Analysis in detail, Fitness Test

Middle School:  Physical Education March 2018  New Class 3rd quarter

  • Complete National & State competency standards for motor skills
  • Post test each person in the Five Health related fitness components: Flexibility, Cardiovascular, Muscle strength, muscle endurance and body composition.
  • Activities include soccer, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, football
  • Complete four units of activity instruction: soccer, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, and football  emphasizing specific skills, strategies, safety and team dynamics. Sportsmanship, collaboration, and conflict resolution.

Middle School Health March 2018  New Class 3rd quarter

  • Learn or review twelve systems of the body, their functions, with an emphasis on healthy habits for each. Focus for march skin, digestion, nervous system, reproduction, eye, ear, skeletal
  • Projects that reinforce real life situations by research/presentation/promotion by designing instruction materials for the school or participating in an experiment to show cause and effect. Nutrition: Make myplate!  Skin cancer project.
  • Units for March include Drugs, alcohol & Tobacco risks & prevention, Nutrition, Emotions, Violence.
  • Decision making
  • Begin practice on Blooms Levels of Knowledge: Level 1&2 (Remembering/Understanding) Questions and answers

Elm School Health 4th 5th grade March 2018.

  • Goals: SMART Goals, Short Term Goals, Long Term goals and the process to follow
  • Protective Factors: Safety equipment for sports & activities, brain concussions, prevention and symptoms