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An OWL inspired Classroom – OWL (Organic World Langauge) 

The OWL method is a foreign language teaching model that focuses on language proficiency through movement, immersion (all in Spanish), and a student driven classroom with individual goals and an emphasis on personal growth. I adopted this method last October after much frustration at the level of my student’s oral communication skills. My goal now as a World Language Instructor is to make sure my students are working towards useful communication.   I’d like them to be able to listen and speak with native speakers with ease.  As a child we learn to speak through listening, reading and constant interaction.  As a toddler we speak with mistakes but we speak.  My goal is for the students to just speak in Spanish and over time, much like a child does, they will absorb the new language and begin to grow in proficiency.  At first they will make mistakes, those mistakes are growth they are not a negative.  We’ve all said or heard someone say “I took French/Spanish/German in high school and I can’t speak a word”.  This is a phrase I hope to never hear again coming from my students.  This teaching method is incredibly interactive and students are expected to give their all during class time, it can be exhausting for students at times but ultimately rewarding when they realize that they can successfully communicate in another language.


Download – OWL Participation Rubric

Parents Practice work is listed below for all of my classes.

Homework Policy

All students have 3 homework assignments a week usually except for 7th grade VEX who have one.

-Students have 3 school days to make up assignments while losing 10 points each day.  After 3 days work will not be accepted.

Homework by due date -

DUE Wed 2/14

Spanish 1-3 – The house project  – Directions Below

House project

DUE Friday 2/16/18

Spanish 2-3 – Do the reading and answer questions about the Spanish Civil war

VEX – 7th grade – Vocab worksheet – Handed out on Thursday each week.  Students can also use instead with a parent note that they practiced for 15 minutes.

link for VEX quizlet ——> VEX – 7th grade QUIZLET vocab practice page

  Every Friday – Spanish 2-5 – Post on yammer, and do the two assignments listed on yammer (as well as in this calendar).  They will alternate between, and

Every Friday – Spanish 1 – (A) Do 3 different activities with our most recent lists, (B) Do your assignment, (C) Do your senorwooly assignment.  If you don’t have internet access at home please see me to set up some alternative assignments or to help you get to a computer for the amount of time needed.

TRAVEL CLUB -  Trip to Italy in April 2018!

Take a 10 day tour of Italy and its wonders! Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Milan and more

                              AND… France and Spain in 2019!  (APPROVED!!!)

Parent/student interest meeting will be soon in late September or early October

APPROVED BY THE SCHOOL BOARD!  Contact me for more information! or sign up at this link ——> Italy Trip Registration Site – EFTours

Open to students in 9-12th grade during the 2017-2018 year (9th graders must go with a parent)

TRAVEL CLUB Trip to Spain and France in April 2019!

Open to students in 9-12th grade during the 2018-2019 year (9th graders must go with a parent)


LINKS – Use for accessing online practice activities and games. Any of these games or practice sites can be used as a practice work option. TO USE THE LINKS CLICK ON THE WORDS THAT UNDERLINE WHEN YOU RUN YOUR MOUSE OVER THEM.    

duolingo bird  Duolingo – Sign-on to rsayan´s classrooms <—click her to go to

quizletQuizlet – Sra_Sayan - <–Click here to go to my page

Image result for señor wooly logoSeñor Wooly -    <–Click here to go to Señor Wooly

Lyricstraining<– Click here to go to lyricstraining for Spanish <— Click here to go to memrise


Extra Explicit Language Study Tools,, Quia for Spanish, Digital Dialects Games Site, -123 Teach Me Spanish games,Spanish worksheets and additional lessons, Conjuguemos – conjugation worksheets

-Reference Sites – Dictionaries, thesauruses, and verb conjugators         – Word Reference English-Spanish Dictionary, Verb Conjugator, Verbix – Verb conjugator and verb dictionary



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