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Important Notice:

Students and parents, we understand that this is a strange time and may be difficult to continue your learning.  As a school community, we need to work together to make this time productive and as stress-less as possible.  Each of you will need to check your school emails, and access the teams for Assisted Study Hall and Algebra 1, as it applies to you. We will be using the conversations portion of teams to ask questions and check in and touch base with each of you.   We will be sending home packets of materials specific to each of your learning needs.  Remember that even though you are home, this is not a vacation.  Starting Monday, March 23rd, work will be sent home and collected for all of your classes.  If you have any questions you can call the resource room at (603)336-5984 ext. 7823 (leave a message if no one answers), and we will get back to you.  Remember, together we can get through anything.

Remember what it means to be a good PACER:

Contact Information:

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Subject overview and introduction:

Algebra as a state requirement for high school graduation is offered to all students so that they might have the opportunity to work towards high school graduation.  This program is geared towards students with learning disabilities, who require the Algebra credit for high school graduation.  Currently primarily high school life skills students are participating in this program.

The High School Life Skills Program is a special education program designed to service students with intellectual disabilities who attend Hinsdale High School. The curriculum focuses on functional academics geared toward preparing students for independent living. Students learn about and participate in structured social interactions, cooking, money skills, as well as a differentiated English class.  Students in the program have the opportunity to participate in the school’s Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO), program and gain hands on experience with job exploration skills.  These skills are essential for special education students to learn because they provide the basis for and facilitate transition from school to life in the “real world.”

Each of you have been invited to a team for Algebra 1.  I’ll be populating the entrance ticket tab, so please be on the look out for those.  Also use the conversations tab to ask questions, and to check in.  I will be sending you all an email to make sure you are able to access your email.  





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