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  • There will be Assisted Study Hall in the resource room
  • Ms. Conway will be out (4th @ 1:30, 7th – all day, 16th @ 12:00, 23rd – Morning Meeting)
  • October 12th – Farm Day
  • October 14th – Teacher workshop day (no school)
  • Travel Club: Cookies and Canvas is the 18th
  • Check the sports schedule for when games are

Subject overview and introduction:

Algebra as a state requirement for high school graduation is offered to all students so that they might have the opportunity to work towards high school graduation.  This program is geared towards students with learning disabilities, who require the Algebra credit for high school graduation.  Currently primarily high school life skills students are participating in this program.

The High School Life Skills Program is a special education program designed to service students with intellectual disabilities who attend Hinsdale High School. The curriculum focuses on functional academics geared toward preparing students for independent living. Students learn about and participate in structured social interactions, cooking, money skills, as well as a differentiated English class.  Students in the program have the opportunity to participate in the school’s Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO), program and gain hands on experience with job exploration skills.  These skills are essential for special education students to learn because they provide the basis for and facilitate transition from school to life in the “real world.”

Students assigned to this Algebra class will be required:

                 – Weekly extra credit

                 – Re-assess quizzes and tests after conversation with the teacher

                 – Revisit work that received below a 70%

9.3-9.6 Weekly Agenda    9.9-9.13 Weekly Agenda   9.16-920 Weekly Agenda  

9.23-9.27 Alg Agenda  9.30 10.04 Alg Agenda    10.07 – 10.11 Alg Agenda   10.14 – 10.18 Alg Agenda

Quizzes (Found on Forms) If you need to retake discuss with your teacher before retaking the quiz.





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