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For every class I expect students to come to class with:

1. Their notebooks

2. Something to write with

3. The appropriate textbook

4. The willingness to try their best


English Vocab Each Week

(exception short weeks accelerate due date by a day)

Mondays: Receive packet and go over

Tuesdays: That night finish the packet on your own

Wednesdays: Packet is due at the beginning of class

Thursday: Study for vocab quiz

Friday: Vocab quiz

****************************Very Important for Freshmen English**********************

All freshmen will receive their Final English essay that is too be completed prior to the final on Monday, June 11th or Tuesday, June 12th depending on the class. Make sure that the essay is completed with a rough draft and all your work to be handed in at the beginning of the period. The essay along with the prep work is worth a total of thirty points of your final exam!


Ninth Grade English:   Freshmen Aug. 29 syllabus Freshmen Sept. 4 syllabus Freshmen Sept. 11 syllabus Eng. 9 Sept. 18 syllabus Eng. 9 Sept. 25 syllabus Eng. 9 Oct. 2 syllabus Eng. 9 Oct. 9 syllabus Eng. 9 Oct. 16 syllabus Eng. 9 Oct. 23 syllabus Eng. 9  Eng. 9 Nov. 6 syllabus Oct. 30 syllabus  Eng. 9 Nov. 6 syllabus Eng. 9 Nov. 13 syllabus Eng. 9 Nov. 20 syllabus Revised Nov. 27 English 9 syllabus  Revised Dec. 4 English 9 syllabus Revised Dec. 11 English 9 syllabus  Revised Dec. 18 English 9 syllabus

Eng. 9 homework:

Week 5-14-18

Mon. Ch. 8 in LOTF Read and answer chapter questions, Finish vocab packet

Tues. Ch. 9 in LOTF Read and answer chapter questions

Wed. Ch. 10 in LOTF Read and answer chapter questions,study for vocab quiz

Thurs. Quiz, Ch. 11  in LOTF Read and answer chapter questions,


Week 05-21-18

Mon. Ch. 12 in LOTF Read and answer chapter questions, Finish vocab packet

Tues. Study for book test

Wed. Book test

Thurs. quiz, pre-reading questions for next book

Friday-  PD DAY

Week 05/28/18

Mon. No school PD Day

Tues. Start MSND

Wed. Work in MSND

Thurs. Ch. Work in MSND

Friday-  Work in MSND

Week 06/04/18

Mon. Vocab packet given out, Work in MSND

Tues. Work in MSND, Homework: Finish vocab packet

Wed. Vocab packet is due, Work in MSND

Thurs. Work in MSND, study for vocab quiz

Fri. Vocab quiz, work in MSND


Mythology: Mythology syllabus week1  Myth.Week2 syllabus  Myth Week 3 syllabus Myth Week 4 syllabus Mythology Week 5 syllabus Mythology Week 6 syllabus Mythology Week 7 syllabus Mythology Week 8 syllabus Mythology Week 9 syllabus  Mythology Week 10 syllabus Mythology Week 11 syllabus Mythology Week 12 syllabus Mythology Week 13 syllabus Mythology syllabus for week 14  Mythology syllabus for week 15  Mythology syllabus for week 16

9th Grade Advanced English:  Freshmen Adv. Aug. 29 syllabus  Freshmen Adv. Sept. 4 syllabus  Advanced Freshmen Sept. 11 syllabus Adv. Eng. 9 Sept. 18 syllabus  Adv. English syllabus- Week 5  Advanced English Week 6 syllabus Advanced English Week 7 syllabus Advanced English Week 8 syllabus Advanced English Week 9 syllabus Advanced English Week 10 syllabus Advanced English Week 11 syllabus Advanced English Week 12 syllabus Advanced English Week 13 syllabus   Revised Nov. 27 Adv. English 9 syllabusRevised Dec. 4 Adv. English 9 syllabus  Revised Dec. 11 English 9 syllabus Revised Dec. 18 Adv. English 9 syllabus

Public Speaking: P.Speaking Week 1 syllabus P. Speaking Week 2 syllabus P. Speaking Week 3 syllabus P. Speaking Week 4 syllabus P. Speaking Week 5 syllabus P. Speaking Week 6 syllabus P. Speaking Week 7 syllabus Public Speaking Week 9 syllabus Public Speaking Week 10 syllabus Public Speaking Week 11 syllabus Public Speaking Week 12 syllabus  Public Speaking Week 13 syllabus Public Speaking Week 14 syllabus Public Speaking Week 15 syllabus Public Speaking Week 16 syllabus

Creative Writing:  C.W. Week 1 syllabus  C.W. Week 2 syllabus  C.W. Week 3 syllabus C.W. Week 4 syllabus C.W. Week 5 syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 6 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 7 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 8 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 9 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 10 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 11 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 12 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 13 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 14 Syllabus  Cr. Wr. Week 15 Syllabus

District wide homework policy:
One day late- 10 points off

Two days late- 20 points off

Three days late- 30 points off

No credit for work turned in after three days late!

Common Core English Anchor Standards: Common Core English Anchor Standards

Creative Writing Class description, expectations, and CCSS: Creative Writing opening page

Mythology Class description and CCSS:  Mythology class description and CCSS

Public Speaking Class description and CCSS:Public Speaking Class Description and CCSS

English 9 Class description and CCSS: English 9 Course Description and CCSS

English 9A Class description and CCSS:English 9A Course description and Common Core State Standards


English Reading Schedules for secondary literature for Advanced:



Parts of Speech flash cards- Print these off to use at home for practice and to study from  -This website has tips on improving sentence structure. -This is an online resource for English grammar and other miscellaneous topics
Grammar Practice -This site has exercises with explanations
Weekly vocab study for Freshmen English go to: Weekly vocabulary games for practice on quizlet On quizlet go to the “Search bar” and type in HHSmsgreene vocabulary to help enhance your own can type in a word and synonyms appear.  You can also find out more about the origin or history of the word in addition to alternatives in your writing.
Art inspired by mythology:
Mythology websites:
Public Speaking: For extra help go to this website for fun games I have created for you. In the search bar type in HHSmsgreene:MsGreene’s Public Speaking quizlet
Famous Speech websites:











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