Grade 2 Team

Updated May 26th, 2020

Hello Parents,

It is hard to believe that the end of the school year is here.  We have enjoyed getting to know your kids and are so proud of them for what they have accomplished.  This has been a tough end of the school year, but we all stuck together and got it done.  Thank you to the parents for helping your child and for everything you have done.  We made it.  As a reminder the end of the school year is May 29th.  We need to have all work handed in by May 28th so that we can complete report cards.  Work can be handed in via email or at the middle high school drop box.

We are planning on delivering a summer packet along with some more books for your child on Thursday the 28th.  We plan on doing something similar to what we did before and will start deliveries around 12.  This packet is extra work that can be completed over the summer if you choose to do so.  It would be great practice for the start of 3rd grade.  Also included will be art work that your child has made throughout the school year.

Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for working through these past few months with us.  We have all learned so much.  Enjoy your children this summer, stay healthy, and above all have fun!

Second Grade Remote Learning

For the week of: May 25th

1. After listening to the Wonky Donkey draw a picture of what you think the Wonky Donkey looks like. 2. After listening to the Dinky Donkey add one more feature that the Donkey might have (maybe white sparkly teeth, or a sparkly headband?)  You decide and write about it. 3.

Play this game and tell your teacher about it.


#4 Hyperlink- We are giving this a try.  Please let us know if this works.  J

Wonky Donkey- Music Video

Dinky Donkey- Music Video

Updated May 11th, 2020

Also make sure to check out your emails for Ms. E reading this weeks story and for your measurement book.  🙂

Second Grade Remote Learning

Please pick any 2 to do each day.

For the week of: May 11, 2020

1.  Practice your trick words every night- ABC order, write 3x, spell to an adult, or write in a sentence.  Trick words:friend, warm,

water, early, full, pretty

2. Read one of your new books. Then tell about the who, what, where, when, and how in the story. Then draw a picture describing your summary. 3.  Listen to the story I Like Where I am  online*. Think about how the character feels. Have you ever had the same feelings? Have you ever had to move? Compare your feelings if you did or if you would have to move to the characters feelings.
4. Write about the season Spring. Use describing words about what you notice, and things you like to do in the spring. Read every day and record your reading on a reading log or in your journal. 5. Ben has 17 beads. 9 of the beads are blue, and the rest are red. How many red beads does Ben have? Show your work.Now make up at least 3 more problems like this and show your work and answers.
6. Place value dice game: Roll your dice three times to make up a three digit number. Then do it again to make another three digit number. Write them side by side and compare them with >,<, or = to signs.Example: 561> 234

Remember the alligators mouth eats the larger number.

7. Practice and estimate measuring. Watch the video attached at the bottom. Use the measuring book attached to practice. Do at least 2 pages, but more if you want. Remember if you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape you can use a parent shoe which we know is about 1 foot or find a stick that would be about that size. If you can’t print the book, just use other paper to write your answers. 8. Go on a place value scavenger hunt. Use newspapers or magazines to find numbers with:0 in the ones place

2 in the tens place

4 in the hundreds place

5 in the tens place

6 in the hundreds place

9 in the ones place

Challenge yourself to make up your own and tell what place the number is in.

Example- 5 in the 10’s place= 57

Show your work.

Inches, Feet, and Yards – Estimating Length

*     (copy and paste it)


Updated May 4th, 2020

Second Grade Remote Learning

                                             Please pick any 2 to do each day.

For the week of: May 4th

1.  Practice your vocabulary words – ABC order, write 3x, spell to an adult, or write in a sentence.  Vocabulary words: canopy, dangle, pollen, pollinate, slithered, oxygen 2. Complete The Great Kapok Tree sequencing page that was sent home with your new books on Thursday.  Send a picture or glue onto another page to hand in. 3.  Create a colored poster of the four layers of the Rainforest and draw 3 animals or plants that you would find in each layer.
4. Write a letter to the man in The Great Kapok Tree and try to convince him not to cut the tree down. Remember to give reasons why he shouldn’t cut it down. Check for capital letters and punctuation. Read every day and record your reading on a reading log or in your journal. 


This week we are asking that you listen to The Great Kapok Tree using the link below or the attachment to listen to Ms. E read the story to you.


5.  Play Dollar Dice: Roll the dice and collect your winnings.  The first person to make $1.00 or 100 cents is the winner!  You can “trade up” your coins too.  For example if you have 5 pennies, you can trade up for a nickel.Roll a 1= PennyRoll a 2= Nickel

Roll a 3= Dime

Roll a 4= Quarter

Roll a 5= Pick any coin

Roll a 6= You get nothing


Tell us who you played with and who won!

6. Create a restaurant menu.  Your menu needs to have ten items for sale.  Draw a picture, label, and write the cost of each item.  Then ask a parent or sibling to order 2 of the items.  Add them together and tell them what it costs.  Then ask another parent or sibling to order 2 items and add them together.  Show your work. 7. Using materials around your home make a clock.  Your clock must have an hour hand and a minute hand.  Make sure to label your clock with the numbers and lines so that you can use it to tell time. When your clock is completed use it to show what time you do things around your home.  Breakfast is at 8:10, Lunch is at 12:00, reading is at 1:15, and so on.  Show at least 5 different times. 8. Mental Math.  Using the numbers provided find 10 more, 10 less, 100 more and 100 less.387, 526, 680, 125, 465, 227, 709



The Great Kapok Tree- Link (you might need to cut and paste for it to work).

Updates April 27th, 2020-  WE MISS YOU!  Remember you can try a lot of the links we provided to hear stories, play games, practice math facts, and just learn more!

Second Grade Remote Learning

                                             Please pick any 2 to do each day.

For the week of: April 27, 2020

1.  Practice your trick words every night- ABC order, write 3x, spell to an adult, or write in a sentence.  Trick words: again, against, often, eight, enough, every. 2. Read a book of your choice and then tell about what happened in the beginning, middle, and end.  Use transition words! Then draw a picture describing your summary. 3.  Listen to a story online or have a parent read to you. Don’t let them show you the pictures! Choose one section from the story to make your own illustration.  Then write at least 3 sentences describing your picture.
4. Write about how Remote Learning has been for you so far.  Do you enjoy it? Are there things you miss about school? What has been your favorite thing you have done so far? Read every day and record your reading on a reading log or in your journal. 5. Go outside and have someone trace your shadow 3 times a day (morning, noon, and just before dinner). Record the length of your shadow using a tape measure or count the number of your steps.
6. Race the clock – Set a timer. How many doubles facts can you do in 1 minute? How about two minutes?(ex – 6+6)Now try your doubles plus 1 facts.  How many can you do in 1 minute? How about 2 minutes?(ex – 6+7) 7. Conduct a survey for your family! Ask them what their favorite kind of ice cream is – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, or mint chocolate chip. Record the data, then make a graph with paper and crayons to show your results.  What was the flavor your family liked most? Least? 8. Do 20 jumping jacks! Count by 2’s each time you jump. What number did you end on?Now do 20 more, this time counting by 5’s. Do it one last time but this time count by 10’s! How high did you count? 

Updates April 13th, 2020

Second Grade Remote Learning

Please pick any 2 to do each day.

For the week of: April 13, 2020

1.  Practice your trick words every night- ABC order, write 3x, spell to an adult, write in a sentence, or hide them in a picture.Trick words: around, because, goes, many, which, your 2. Read a book of your choice and then use adjectives to describe a character or the setting in detail. Underline the adjectives and illustrate your description of the character or setting. 3.  April is National Poetry Month. Listen to or read  poems. Can you identify the words that rhyme? Try to create/write  your own poem for your family and teacher to read.
4. Set up a store with some items and give the items a price less than a dollar each.Have a family member be the customer. If they bought two items, how much would that be?Record  your answers. Show how you found your answer. Remember to use ways you have learned already to add larger numbers. Read every day and record your reading on a reading log or in your journal. 5. Math is everywhere! Have fun this week interviewing a family member and asking how they use math every day. Use pictures and numbers to show how they use it. Record your own ways too.
6. Make a number line and record your families ages. Add extended family members if you need to. Find the difference between different ages. Show your work and create  sentences to go along with it. Examples: Mom is _________ years older than me. Brother Tony is _______years younger than Dad. 7. Practice counting coins*. How many different ways can you make $1.00? Read the coin poem to help you remember(see attached).Record your ways. Challenge yourself to see how many different ways you can find. Continue to practice different amounts of coin combinations. 8. Go outside with your journal and observe one thing for at least 10 minutes. As you observe, write what you notice about it and what might be happening to it? Is it moving, has it changed? Do a detailed illustration.

*You will find the coin poem  and some paper coins attached  if you need them.

Updates for 4/6/2020

Second Grade Remote Learning

Please pick any 2 to do each day.

For the week of: April 6, 2020

1.  Practice your trick words every night- ABC order, write 3x, spell to an adult, or write in a sentence.  Trick words: only, move, house, right, place, together 2. Read a book of your choice and then draw the characters, setting and an event that happened in the story.  Write at least 3 sentences to tell about your picture. 3.  Read a book of your choice and then write at least 5 sentences telling your peers why they should or should not read the book.
4. Go for a walk outside and then write about what you saw, what you did, and who you went with. Read every day and record your reading on a reading log or in your journal. 5. Race the clock.  Have your parents time you to see how many addition or subtraction facts you can do, up to 10, in 1 minute.  How about 2 minutes?
6. Hide a treasure somewhere in your house or outside.  Make a map of where to find your treasure.  Then have someone in your home see if they can find it. 7. If you have a ruler at home please use your ruler, and if not use your parents shoe (teacher foot) to measure 5 items in your home.  Make a list of the items and then how long they are. 8. Go outside and find 3 different objects.  Make an array with your objects then draw them for your teacher or have your parents email us a picture.  (5 by 5 picture of acorns= 25 acorns)

Additional but optional resources to use:

For math we use the Bridges Math program and there are many great practice sheets and games for kids to do.

Typing games

Students who are less familiar with typing can play this game to organize the keyboard keys

Students can improve typing speed by familiarizing where the letters are quickly. This is great for students who are familiar with where letters are on the keyboard, and want to improve their speed and test their knowledge.

Students who have been typing their stories or other words can improve their speed with this game.

Ghost Typing Junior is perfect for students who are not completely familiar with keyboarding and want to improve their speed on finding the correct letter. After practicing with this game, students can challenge themselves with Ghost Typing.

Students can use their spelling words or new words they learned through the reading packet to create a word search

Lilly, the Wild Cat

I recommend having the closed captioning on so students can follow along with the words if the reader does not show them on the pages.

  • Any other sites we included in our week 1 and week 2 packets

Updated 4/2/2020

Dear Parents:

As we attempt to best serve your needs during these uncertain times, as well as ensure the safety of our staff, we have made several revisions to our remote learning plan.

We shall provide continuous learning opportunities for students through remote learning 4 days per week (Tuesdays-Fridays) through May 4th.  Mondays will be a flex day for teachers to work on outreach, planning, preparation or attend to other needs as they arise in a remote instruction and learning environment.  Our remote learning plan shall be responsive to parent and student feedback respecting the new demands on families and the related worry and anxiety.

It is important that all understand that all faculty and staff should NOT enter buildings unless absolutely necessary.  This is for everyone’s health and safety.

Continuous learning opportunities means that teachers are providing students with content, materials, and resources that allow students to engage in academic work while at home.  (See guidance below).

Students will have weekly assignments, and if possible, check-ins. The recommended guidelines for second graders each day are as follows:

Grade 2: three 20 min activities ELA (choose one each day) Math (choose one each day) Other* (choose one each day)
Day 1 20 min activity 20 min activity 20 min activity
Day 2 20 min activity 20 min activity 20 min activity
Day 3 20 min activity 20 min activity 20 min activity
Day 4 20 min activity 20 min activity 20 min activity

*Please note that “other” includes P.E., Music, Art, and SEL which can be found on the individual teachers’ website.

Our new template and plan will go live on Monday by email and on the second grade website.  Students will be expected to work on it Tuesday-Friday.  The next weeks plans will be up on the following Monday and again students will be expected to work on it Tuesday-Friday.  The second grade teachers have been working very hard and have come up with a new plan for work.   You will now have a 9 square grid to complete.  Reading each day is a must.  You can then pick 2 other boxes to do each day.  There are many ways to get the work to your teachers.  Parents can take pictures of the work and email it to your teacher.  Parents can scan your work and send it in.  HES will have their own drop off for students work starting on April 6, 2020 hours will be 8:00 am to 2:00 pm., at HES. We will have a drop box set up at the Hinsdale Middle High School in front of the main entrance doors sometime next week for after hours drop off. We will keep you posted. Parents, you can also send an email with what your child did for work and a brief caption of what they did.  This is a way for us to see what your child has been doing and be able to administer grades.

We are always here for questions and will be checking in at least once a week.  Please feel free to email any of the second grade teachers with questions.

Ms. Ebbighausen-

Mrs. Bowker-

Miss Adams-

Hello Second Graders and your parents!

As we all work hard to put distance learning into place we will update this page as we can.

Just a few updates.  If you need to reach any of your 2nd grade teachers please feel free to email us and we will check our emails throughout the day.  If you need help with work please let us know by email and we are here to help!

Mrs. Hiers has added second step lessons to the counseling site on the teacher web pages.  Please take a look at those.

Ms. Ebbighausen, Mrs. Bowker, Miss Adams, and Mrs. Keane