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What is the tractor pulling?

Tech Ed

We began our design unit by building paper helicopters.  It does not seem like that would an interesting activity until you start modifying the design of the helicopter or trying different arrangement of the payload.  This activity got us to start asking”What if?”

Paper helicopters lead to balloon cars.  Everyone has been working on their prototypes, testing them out and modifying them if need be.  Along the way we have investigated Newton’s Laws of Motion and the design process.  Our last project will be a solar oven.  If the weather cooperates we will even get to try them.  Nachos anyone?

Homework for this week will be to complete the write-ups for the balloon project and a reading packet on electromagnetic radiation.

M-W-F section    -write-up due Friday, May 31st and packet on Monday, June 2nd.

T-Th section        -write-up due Thursday and packet due Tuesday, June 3rd.


The 7th grade continues basic skills as we practice our graphing and equation solving skills.  Yeah linear equations

The 8th grade is working on linear functions and their graphs.

Students can practice their math skills at home!!!  Go to and see what fun practicing math can be.  Other useful websites are:              A great site to practice and review.                    Fun and educational.




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