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Some Big Thoughts:

  • Stay current with your assignments!! Nothing is more unpleasant than realizing that you’re behind on assignments and the quarter is ending.
  • Check this website (and your other teachers’ sites) frequently – all assignments are updated on a weekly basis.  By Sunday night you should be able to know and anticipate what will be expected of you each day of the week.
  • If you have questions, ask!!!

A helpful link:    This is a great, video based site that explores further the content that students will be going over in class.

Because Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science all contain a laboratory component, safety is paramount.  Students will be expected to maintain appropriate lab behavior and attire.  As a group we will go over our lab safety contract (accessed by clicking on the link: safety_contract) to ensure that any questions students might have can be answered in class.  

In some classes OneNote serves as our collaborative class notebook.  OneNote can be accessed from either the school website under the STUDENTS tab or from the following link:  Office 365


Honors Physics Period 1 (Full Year)

Link to online textbook:  Physics FlexBook                       Hewitt Drew-It:  Video Lessons
HonPhysics Syllabus 1718   

Week of May 21 – May 24, 2018

HonPhysicsFinal         Final Lab Rubric    

Design Week – Work on designing your project and polishing any loose ends to your plan.     

Honors Chemistry Period 2 (Full Year)

Link to online textbook:  Chemistry FlexBook                                                         HonChem Syllabus 1718

Week of May 21 – May 24, 2018

Monday:  Share Gas Laws Posters with the class; Finish Notes

Tuesday  Quiz – Charles & Boyle’s Law

Wednesday: Combined Gas Law Practice

Thursday: Modern Chem Review

Friday: No School – Teacher Workshops

Honors Earth Science Period 3 (Full Year)

Link to Online Textbook:  Earth Science FlexBook                                      HonEarthScience Syllabus 1718            

Week of May 14 – 18, 2018

Monday:  Part 2 Ocean Acidification Virtual Lab

Tuesday:  Notes

Wednesday:  NOVA Lethal Seas

Thursday:  Finish Nova:  Lethal Seas; Video Analysis

Friday:   No School – Teacher Workshops

General Earth Science Period 4 (Full Year)

Link to online textbook:  Earth Science                                                      GenEarthScience Syllabus 1718                                                                            

Week of May 21 – 24, 2018

Monday:  Part 2 Ocean Acidification Virtual Lab

Tuesday:  Notes

Wednesday:  NOVA Lethal Seas

Thursday:  Finish Nova: Lethal Seas; Video Analysis

Friday:  No School – Teacher Workshops

General Physics Period 7 (Spring Semester)

Link to online texbook:                                                                                             Syllabus:  GenPhysics1718Syllabus

Week of May 21 – 24, 2018

Monday:  Simple Machines Quick Lab

Tuesday:  Quiz – Simple Machines, Work, Power, Mechanical Advantage

Wednesday:  Library Day – Simple Machines Research Project

Thursday:  Simple Machines Project – Poster Creation Day                    

Friday:  No School – Teacher Workshop Day

A few Notes:

Homework:  Homework is due on the class day after it is assigned unless other arrangements are made.  Homework will generally be assigned on two to three nights a week.  School-wide homework policy states that if a student is late on an assignment, the student will be deducted 10 points the first day, 20 points the second day, and 30 points the third day.  The fourth day, the assignment will be recorded as a 0.

Assignments:  All assignments (both in class and homework) will be listed in the weekly Assignment Matrix.  These can be found under your class name and listed by the first day of the week they cover.

Lab Behavior:  It is VERY important that each student follow directions during labs, even those not using chemicals.  Any behavior that is out of line, distracts or endangers another student WILL result in removal from the lab area of the classroom and may result in a zero for the lab.  General classroom behavior guidelines can be found in the syllabus for each specific class.




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