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Middle School & High School Physical Education

Please take this opportunity to get/keep yourself moving!  Exercise is a great stress reliever during this unsettling time.  Go for a walk, dance around your room, bust out some push ups, the choice is yours!  Please see the choices below for instruction during the closing.

Each class now has an Outlook group through Office 365.  Please check for information posted to your group.  You will be asked to submit assignments and/or proof of activity through that group.


  1. Activities are to be completed
  2. Proof of completion submitted by FRIDAY (3/27, 4/3 etc…) via email or upon arrival back to school
  3. Do the best you can!



Please check your school email to get the latest from Mrs. Leonard.  You will now be following WEEKLY calendar activities!


Daily= send me the corresponding emoji to self assess your experience

Each Friday= send me the completed log (attached to the calendar or create your own) with parent/guardian initials

Find the week at a glance calendar here:

WEEK 1 HS (Apr.27-May 1)

Week 2 HS (May 4-May 8)

WEEK 3 HS (May 11-May 15)

WEEK 4 HS (May 18-May 22) <— LAST WEEK!!

Physical Education Final Exam Choices HS

6th Grade & 7th Grade PE:


I’ve decided to simplify the PE expectations!  All you need to do is complete the DEAM (drop everything and move) calendar activities!  It is one activity for the day.

DAILY EXPECTATIONS= do the activity for the day (Apr. 27= day 27 activity)

FRIDAY EXPECTATIONS= send me the calendar with parent/guardian initials for each day of the week

Find the DEAM calendars here:


DEAM MAY (word)

Final exam





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