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Middle School Music Appreciation

Syllabus Music Appreciation MS


Homework (all middle school classes): None

WEEK OF 10/31:

Homework (all middle school classes): Your Music, due Thursday (10/27)

8th Grade: Rhythm and Pulse: Hand Drumming

7th Grade: Rhythm and Pulse: Hand Drumming

6th Grade: Rhythm and Pulse: Hand Drumming

High School Performance Music

THIS WEEK: Continue working on current songs:

Period 2: Wonderwall, Don’t Dream…, Headstrong, Somebody that I used to know

Period 7: Airplanes, Sunshine of Your Love, Careless Whisper

New resources: in progress

Week of 10/31: Continue working on current songs. Practice!!! Practice logs, goals, reflections, and weekly recorded check-ins will be coming soon…

Week of 10/3: Songs to be working on…

PERIOD 2: Wonderwall, Don’t Dream It’s Over

PERIOD 7: Airplanes, Careless Whisper, Lose Yourself, Sunshine of Your Love

Week of 9/26: Continue with C major scale, and the 5+ need to know chords

*** There will be one-on-one progress checks at the end of this week *** 

Follow the link to the study guide:–oopmgU/edit?usp=sharing

Week of 9/19: C major scale and chords, pattern of whole and half steps  

Week of 9/6: Songs you would like to learn and Intro to Performance Music

- Vocal Coach, Lessons and Warm-ups:

- Andy Guitar, beginner guitar lessons on YouTube and his own webpage:

- “Don’t Dream It’s Over” guitar lesson video:

- “Wonderwall” guitar sheet with chord boxes:

- “Wonderwall” guitar lesson video:

Links to helpful resources:


Snoopy Jazz


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