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Due to an excessive number of calculators NOT being returned at the end of class, we are going to try a different method to ensure that calculators are returned at the end of class.  As of April 2nd, if any calculators are left out at the end of a period, the entire class will need to make an appointment with me after school to help tidy the classroom.  This detention will last for a maximum of ten productive minutes, unless the student chooses to stay longer.

All chemistry classes should be working on their lab reports, which will be due Monday, 5/12/14.  Students need to type their prediction section, data, post lab questions, and error section.  In the questions section, students should calculate the energy of the electron transition that they witnessed for each specific cation, except for barium.  They should do this in three different steps.  Extensions will not be given, but students are welcome to make an appointment if they need assistance.  The lab sheet can be found here.  Flame Test Lab.


All items listed as homework assignments are due the next day, unless otherwise indicated.

HIP: Starting the Wednesday before Thanksgiving break, Ms. Ferm is planning on watching a documentary series during HIP on Wednesdays.  Any student in good academic standing is invited to come and view the film!  It touches on many different topics in science – including (but not limited to) chemistry, physics, earth science, life science and biology!  Students are welcome to work on assignments during HIP as well, but the classroom must remain extremely quiet during this time so that students are able to hear the film and are able to study.

Class Pet: Students are welcome to take home either class pet (Toothless or Pitri) for any vacation or weekend.  The only requirement is that I (Ms. Ferm) have an in-person conversation with a parent or guardian, confirming that it is okay for the gecko to go home with a student.  I am more than willing to come to Hinsdale on a weekend, to stay late during the week, or to come in early to work around parent schedules for this purpose!

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Advanced Chemistry Syllabus

Advanced Physics Syllabus

General Physics Syllabus


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