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11/18/13–Stock Exercise. Students should have closing value of their stock choice for week ending 11/15. We will calculate value of purchase and compare with class.

11/19/13 Intro to movie “Tucker, the Man and His Dream”. Viewing 4 days. There will be a worksheet to go with.



11/7/13–QUIZ on Chapter 7 Sections 1 &2

Market Structure–Open ended questions bases on Market Structure/characteristics and comparison of the four major types.  Also Barriers to able to name and briefly describe.

Continue working on Chapter 7. Copy chart on page 217.  Read 7-3

PP and lecture C-7


Personal Finance:

11/18/13–Continue working on Chapter 6 (Risk Management) Discussion/exercises followed by movie “Identity Theft, the Michelle Brown Story”


Test on 11/6

Hand outs: Power point and Vocabulary for Chapter 6 (Vocabulary due 11/13)


Finish papers on simple and compound interest.  Correct work and prepare for chapter 5 test on Wed. 11/6

Accounting I

11/18/13 Complete Reinforcement 1A by Wednesday 11/20.  Begin Chapter 6

11-4 Finish chapter 5. 11-5 Practice test on C-5.  11-6 Test on C-5.


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