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05/19/20 Remote Learning final for all of English 9 and Mythology:

Remote learning final

05/04/20 May’s Mythology syllabi:

May’s syllabi for Mythology

Quarantine check-in log for Mythology:

See below because I can’t embed the link twice in the same page….I APOLOGIZE BUT I’VE TRIED!!!! Just scroll down a bit or submit a paper copy of what I emailed to you.

04/03/20 All Mythology materials and syllabi have been uploaded to my team’s page.

Weeks 4-6 mythology syllabus

Mythology board game #2

04/14/20 I have updated the syllabus and due dates to account for vacation next week:

Week 4-7 syllabus with vacation included

04/30/20 Here is the syllabus for the month of May for English 9. The final date is to be determined and the syllabus will be modified to accommodate if need be.

May’s syllabus for English 9

Here is a link to the quarantine log on the team page for your weekly log:

04/02/20 I have updated all English 9 team’s pages with new syllabi, assignment sheets, and relevant materials. Please be sure to go to teams for all the materials as well as the syllabus.

Week 4-6 letter to English

Animal Farm story continuation

Elements Of the Story worksheet

Extend the story worksheet

Animal Farm project

As of 03/26/20 I have now created a team for each English class on Teams on 365. There I can upload assignments that can be completed digitally and graded in real-time. Please be sure to check your student emails for the most current information.

During our unexpected closure here is the most update syllabi and letter I have for my English 9/ English 9 Honors students:


Honors English 9: 1984 Final essay

Mythology: Mythology shutdown project

For every class I expect students to come to class with

1. Their notebooks

2. Something to write with

3. The appropriate textbook

4. The willingness to try their best


English Vocab Each Week

(exception short weeks accelerate due date by a day)

Mondays: Receive packet and go over

Tuesdays: That night finish the packet on your own

Wednesdays: Packet is due at the beginning of class

Thursday: Study for vocab quiz

Friday: Vocab quiz


9th Grade English syllabi:  Aug. 27 English syllabus   Sept. 3 English syllabus Sept. 9 English syllabus Sept. 16 English syllabus  Sept. 23 English syllabus.docx  Sept. 30 English syllabus.docx Oct. 7 English syllabus  Oct. 14 English syllabus Oct. 21 English syllabus.docx Oct. 28 English syllabus Nov. 4 English syllabus Nov. 11 English syllabus Nov. 18 English syllabus  Nov. 25 English syllabus Dec. 2 English syllabus Dec. 9 English syllabus Dec. 16 English syllabus Dec. 30 English syllabus Jan. 6 English syllabus Jan. 6 English syllabus  Jan. 20 English syllabus  Jan. 27 English syllabus Feb. 3 English syllabus Feb. 10 English syllabus  Feb. 24 English syllabus English March 2 syllabus  English March 9 syllabus  English March 15 syllabus  English March 23 syllabus March 30 English syllabus April 6 English syllabus April 13 English syllabus April 27 English syllabus  May 4 English syllabus  May 11 English syllabus May 18 English syllabus     9th Grade Honors English syllabi: Aug. 27 Honors syllabus  Sept. 3 Honors syllabus Sept. 9 Honors syllabus  Sept. 16 Honors syllabus  Sept. 23 Honors syllabus Sept. 30 Honors syllabus Oct. 7 Honors syllabus  Oct. 14 Honors syllabus Oct 21 Honors English syllabus Oct 28 Honors English syllabus Nov. 4 Honors English syllabus  Nov. 11 Honors English syllabus Nov. 18 Honors English syllabus Nov. 25 Honors English syllabus Dec. 2 Honors English syllabus Dec. 9 Honors English syllabus Dec. 16 Honors English syllabus Dec. 30 Honors English syllabus Jan. 6 English syllabus Jan. 20 Honors syllabus  Jan. 27 Honors syllabus  Feb. 3 Honors syllabus  Feb. 10 Honors syllabus  Feb. 24 Honors syllabus  English March 2 syllabus  English March 9 syllabus English March 15 syllabus  English March 23 syllabus  March 30 English syllabus April 6 English syllabus  April 13 Honors English syllabus April 27 Honors English syllabus May 4 Honors English syllabus  May 11 English syllabus  May 18 Honors English syllabus

Mythology: Mythology syllabus week1 Myth.Week2 syllabus Myth Week 3 syllabus Myth Week 4 syllabus Mythology Week 5 syllabus Mythology Week 6 syllabus Mythology Week 7 syllabus Mythology Week 8 syllabus Mythology Week 9 syllabus Mythology Week 10 syllabus Mythology Week 11 syllabus Mythology Week 12 syllabus Mythology Week 13 syllabus Mythology syllabus for week 14 Mythology syllabus for week 15 Mythology syllabus for week 16

Public Speaking: P.Speaking Week 1 syllabus P. Speaking Week 2 syllabus P. Speaking Week 3 syllabus P. Speaking Week 4 syllabus P. Speaking Week 5 syllabus P. Speaking Week 6 syllabus P. Speaking Week 7 syllabus Public Speaking Week 9 syllabus Public Speaking Week 10 syllabus Public Speaking Week 11 syllabus Public Speaking Week 12 syllabus Public Speaking Week 13 syllabus Public Speaking Week 14 syllabus Public Speaking Week 15 syllabus Public Speaking Week 16 syllabus

Creative Writing: C.W. Week 1 syllabus C.W. Week 2 syllabus C.W. Week 3 syllabus C.W. Week 4 syllabus C.W. Week 5 syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 6 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 7 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 8 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 9 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 10 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 11 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 12 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 13 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 14 Syllabus Cr. Wr. Week 15 Syllabus

District wide homework policy: One day late- 10 points off Two days late- 20 points off Three days late- 30 points off No credit for work turned in after three days late! Common Core English Anchor Standards: Common Core English Anchor Standards Creative Writing Class description, expectations, and CCSS: Creative Writing opening page Mythology Class description and CCSS: Mythology class description and CCSS Public Speaking Class description and CCSS:Public Speaking Class Description and CCSS English 9 Class description and CCSS: English 9 Course Description and CCSS English 9A Class description and CCSS:English 9A Course description and Common Core State Standards   English Reading Schedules for secondary literature for Advanced:   Grammar: Parts of Speech flash cards– Print these off to use at home for practice and to study from Helping verbs– This is a sheet with the helping verbs for you to use to study –This website has tips on improving sentence structure. –This is an online resource for English grammar and other miscellaneous topics
Grammar Practice –This site has exercises with explanations
Weekly vocab study for Freshmen English go to: Weekly vocabulary games for practice on quizlet On quizlet go to the “Search bar” and type in HHSmsgreene vocabulary to help enhance your own can type in a word and synonyms appear. You can also find out more about the origin or history of the word in addition to alternatives in your writing.
Art inspired by mythology:
Mythology websites:
Public Speaking: For extra help go to this website for fun games I have created for you. In the search bar type in HHSmsgreene:MsGreene’s Public Speaking quizlet
Famous Speech websites:


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