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  1. Read the following article and answer the review questions at the end. Email me your answers. Meiosis lesson
  2. This week’s lesson is about KARYOTYPES. A Karyotype is a picture of a person or a species CHROMOSOMES. It is done in humans mostly to diagnose genetic abnormalities due to errors in MEIOSIS. Here is a video that explains Karyotype video
  3. Karyotypes WS
  4. Online Karyotype Read the information on the first page. On the second page there are three patients that you would have to diagnose. Just email me the diagnosis of patients A, B and C.
  5. Gene and DNA discoveries. Tell me which of the discoveries do you find more interesting or do you think is more important. (participation grade)
  6. Please do the vocabulary and answer the questions from the video. Mendelian Genetics Vocabulary and video questions
  7. Watch this video Mendelian Genetics with Mr. Anderson
  8.      The making of the fittest. Rock Pocket Mouse Evolution
  9.     Here are the questions: Natural Selection and Adaptation rock pocket mouse

And complete a FINAL Project. Biology Final 2020

HUMAN ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY/ Running Start Human Biology

hap-syl1-1 Syllabus

Incomplete work Q4 FINAL Honors Human Anatomy and Physiology final

I want to at least give you a bit of information on the systems we did not get to cover. I picked 3 short videos that in my opinion cover the basics. So all you need to do is watch the videos and answer the questions in the document. Not too hard 🙂

Lymphatic system

How does you Digestive System work?

Urinary System

Questions: Lymphatic, Digestive and Urinary questions

Last weeks work (in case you need it) Remote learning week 7 May 11 to 15 HAP

May 4 to 8 hap

HAP Remote Learning Week 5 April 27 to May 1

Week of April 13 to 17 Body story “Teen Dreams” email me a short response/reaction for a participation grade.

HAP April 6 to 10

Remote Learning Week 2 March 30 to April 3

Remote Learning HAP week 1 March 23 to 27


Syllabus 2019

WORK for Incomplete Q4

Remote Learning Week : Work on the final Environmental Science Final 2020

and if you have not done this yet please do the quizlet and tell me your score on the test

Environmental Science Terms Quizlet Study the flashcards and try the activities (matching, etc) When you feel ready try a test and tell me how you did 🙂

Remote learning week 6: Work due Friday 5/8

Alternative sources of energy 4: Geothermal Energy

Explore this site and watch the videos in it.

Explain what is Geothermal Energy and how does it work? Mention some pros and cons of Geothermal Energy

Remote learning week 5: Work due Friday 5/1

Alternative sources of Energy 3: Hydroelectric

Watch these 2 videos: How do Hydroelectric power works

How do Dams affect fish populations

 And read this article: Pros and cons of Hydroelectric power

Assignment: Discuss the pros-con of Hydroelectric power. State your opinion in support or against the use of Hydroelectric power to produce electricity. (2 paragraphs)

Last weeks work April 13 to 17

Watch the video: Solar Power. Utility Company vs Energy Independent Houses. Write a response stating your opinion on the use of solar power in individual homes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar power?.

2. Create a power point explaining how solar power is used to generate electricity. (5 to 10 slides)

3.Design and make a solar oven: Solar oven

Remote learning week 3: Work due Friday 4/10

Alternative sources of energy 1 WIND: Choose one of the following options:

1. If you have NETFLIX watch the movie “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. Write a summary and give your opinion about the movie and the story.

2. Create a power point explaining how wind power is used to generate electricity. (5 to 10 slides)

2.Design and make windmill (It can be small) made from recycled materials you can find at home (please don’t make your parents go shopping). How will your design work. (You can take more than a week on this one) Just show me your plans by Friday




Remote Learning week 2: Work due Friday 4/3

Back yard ecology: For this week you can choose between 2 activities:

1. Back yard ecology. Describe the ecology of your back yard or a wooded area near your house. draw a trophic web showing some primary producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers and tertiary consumers. This app is useful to identify plants and animals i naturalist app.

2. Solid waste clean up. Wearing gloves walk around the rail trail or a wooded area around your house and clean up the litter you encounter. Take a picture of the trash bag for credit. Be careful and WASH your hands after you are done.

Remote learning week one:due Friday 3/27

Flint Michigan water crisis. Research and essay. Below is a link with information about the water crisis in the city of Flint Michigan. Read the information and find 2 additional sources about this crisis. Write a 5 paragraph essay about this crisis. In you essay summarize what is going on in Flint Michigan, for how long? and has the problem been solved? Do you think access to clean water should be considered a human right? state your personal opinion on the situation.

Flint Michigan crisis


making plastic from milk

Habitat fragmentation in NH

Habitat sensitive design

Ocean acidification lab

Biogeochemical cycles

Study Jam Carbon Cycle

PBS Carbon Cycle

Energy flow in ecosystems

Grass Pollutants Lab Template

Arsenic project Arsenic interactive

Lawn Ecology Lab

footprint calculator


Bio links

Food Safety Microbial Growth Simulation

Characteristics of life.             game

Levels of organization activity   matching game

Tree of life interactive

Bio research project

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells.

 Archaea, Bacteria,  Protists and Fungi

Classification interactive

Taxonomy levels game

build an organ

Comparing Virus and Cells.

Cellular respiration

Photosynthesis and respiration labeling activity

photosynthesis animation

Cell transport video  Cell membrane activity

Pedigree investigation

pedigree practice activity

Di hybrid cross

Fruit Fly genetics

Evolutionary tree game

Peppered moth

Evolution Darwin and Wallace Video

Cell membrane game

 Enzyme online lab

 Greatest miracle PBS

Zika virus Defined Stem

 Cricket lab

Macromolecules tutorial.

Build an Atom

chemical bonds

Microscope labeling game

brain article

Protist competition lab

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells animation

Cell study page

Eukaryotic cells animation

macro-molecules activity


make a monkey genetics and punnett squares

Single Gene Disorders

Review activity 2:protein synthesis

Epigenetics video


Protein synthesis

protein synthesis activity

Protein Synthesis video

DNA replication

DNA replication amoeba sisters

DNA extraction video

DNA discovery timeline

protein synthesis labeling

Cloning activity


.big picture

osmosis in Red Blood Cells

Virus video

Cell transport activity

Protist lab (advanced) Protist competition lab

Review activity:Replication and protein synthesis activity

egg osmosis video

Acid and bases Alien Juice Bar


HAP links

PNS overview

Nervous system review   Animation (Nerve imp

endocrine easy review
Hormones and feedback loops
Hormones jeopardy


endocrine system quizlet.

Gland labeling


Brain labeling activities


Injury article

Muscle contraction

Body regions 2:

Body regions 1:

Wack a bone

long bone anatomy quiz

Joint classification

Synovial Joints

Homeostasis video

Body regions 2:

Body regions 1:

How does skin heals itself?


Labeling skin.

Membranes quiz

skin 2

skin activities


 goniometer use and develop

Tissues Overview:

muscle and connective tissue

Epithelial tissue:

Epithelial tissue lab

id tissues quiz

ment animation

Layers of the skin

pig dissection

Lymphatic and Immune System Video



Digestive system interactive

: Heart surgery simulation

Trauma simulation

Heart video with transcript

Env. Sci Links

Population Notes and Population Growth Activity

Global warming and hurricanes

Climate change effects

NEPA Executive Orders

Copy of Vostok Ice Core Datasheet

Ecosystem Services

succession activity

Exploring Trophic Cascades

Biome Viewer


Defined Stem Ecologist Define Stem Task
population growth activity


Spheres interactions

analyzing patterns in the savanna landscape

water footprint





Cranial Nerve Song


muscle labeling (do first and fourth to practice for quiz)


Homeostasis animation

.blood pressure virtual lab


blood typing problem set

blood typing game




Cell transport activity





organ system practice









. wonderville

Biomes and Climate activity

demographics activities

water quiz




Over-fishing article

Footprint Calculator


population growth activity

Deforestation activity


endocrine easy review

nerve impulse animation

muscle labeling (do first and fourth to practice for quiz)

Muscle contraction

Labeling skin

Cell transport activity
Epithelial tissue lab

review quizzes

Body regions 1:

Body regions 2:

Heart video with transcript  

Hormones and feedback loops

labeling epithelial tissue

vocabulary review quizlet



Fresh Water issues Quiz





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