Mrs Snide

Welcome to First Grade We are going to have an exciting year!

Our daily Specials schedule looks like this:

Monday- Computer Lab and PE

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- PE

Thursday- Art

Friday- Library and Music                                                                                                        

 January Happenings: Happy New Year!!

No School Monday January 15- Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Testing in January: It is that time of year where benchmark testing will take place. The week of January 8th, students will be doing a benchmark narrative writing sample. All grade levels will be participating.  We also will be giving the winter Aims Web benchmarks in reading and math.  Starting the middle of January, we will be taking the NWEA MAP tests in reading, language, and math.  Both of these benchmarks were given in September.

Reading: Unit 3- Changes

An Egg Is An Egg

 Target skills- vowel sounds of y

Spelling words for the week: by ,any, body, cry, fly, my, lucky, puppy, silly, try


Ruby in Her Own Time

  Target skills- Compound Words

Spelling words for the week: bank, blank, bring, pink, rang, rink, sang, sunk, trunk, wing


The focus will be developing addition and subtraction strategies with doubling, counting on, and counting back to solve combinations within 12.