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General Resources


  • MuseScore is a free music notation software that you can use to write and play music. You can also search for and download songs that other people have written or recreated (including songs from video games), then play or edit them.
  • Click HERE to go to the MuseScore website.
  • Click HERE to go to the page where you can search sheet music created and uploaded by other users.

Performance Music

Practice Journals

  • Click HERE for the home practice and journal information.
  • Click HERE for the practice reflection sheet.

Middle School Music

Musician Profile Presentations

  • Click HERE for directions on how to access your PowerPoint Presentation file and edit it.
  • Click HERE for the list and order of presentations. * NOTE: You will need to be logged into your Office 365 account in order to access the list.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Students are presenting to their class information about a musician of their choosing. As a part of their presentation they play a song by that artist. I will be previewing every presentation before it is shared with the class, and students are only allowed to share the "clean" or "edited" version of a song (i.e. what you would hear on the radio or TV). This being said, Mrs. Freitag and I consulted and wanted to make parents aware that the very beginning letter/sound of a censored word is often left audible after a song has been edited, and in videos where the lyrics are displayed the first letter of a censored word remains with the rest of the letters replaced by a symbol such as an * . Before the first presentation I will talk about with the students about the fact they may see or hear parts of words, and that this is something that they are likely to encounter in the real world, and that they are expected to handle it and react to it in an appropriate and mature manner. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via phone or email.

Thank You,
Mr. Kennedy

6th Grade Coding

  • Click HERE for the login page.

Hour of Code Week Activities - December 4-8, 2017

HASP Performance Chorus

  • Attention Middle School students. Do you like to sing? Join the Performance Chorus during the after-school program. Sign-up forms are available in the office, and completed forms should be turned in to the office. Rehearsals start Monday, November 20!

HASP Coding Club

Weekly Activities