Mr. Benson


Hello, hope you’re adhering to all admonitions AKA doing what the experts suggest.

Watch This

I want you to know we are all in this together as one community. I am one million percent certain that this will bring out the best in people, we will look out for each other and offer help to those find themselves in need. If you need to get in touch with me, my email is I will check it frequently. There will be a lot of downtime, although Netflix and tic tok are entertaining, I don’t recommend binge watching too much it could send you down a rabbit hole. I suggest you read, clean up around the house, go for a walk, use your graphite transfer device and a 2 dimensional plane (paper) and draw or write.

Take Care!

Mr. Benson.

Van Gogh Museum

Coding I’m opening new challenges!!! Yay for a loop!

Seventh Grade Art. We are going Microsoft Paint 3-D to draw here is a video from Microsoft Getting Started Your first assignment is to Draw what you can see from out of your house window. I set up an online classroom with Microsoft teams please respond to the email you were sent. 

Art Exploratory I set up a class on Microsoft one note your first assignment is to say hello. Thanks! Okay first actual assignment. rocsc5h0n0o41

Pacer News. I think we are going to try and record the news on our iPhones. iPhones have  movie as a native application so we should be able to share and and edit as a team on Yammer.

Advanced Art I sent you your sketch pads your first assignment. Set up a still life of toys and use your skills as an artist to make a drawing with at least 6 different values of sharing.






March 9-13
Art X portraits
Coding for loops
News keep on keeping on

Feb 3-7

Art X Patterns
Advanced Art Screen Shots
Vex art State Posters
Coding Turning and loops

Art X
Lino cuts

Designing kindness drawings

Coding variables for in an array
Art X Last week of Chuck Close
Seventh grade art Pet Portraits

Coding arrays
Art X Chuck Close
Seventh Grade art Clay


Coding Variables

Art X portraits Chuck Close style

Seventh Grade Art State posters

Digital Imaging Magazine covers

Beginning of quarter 2


Vex introductions expectations and starting

Art X Portraits


Oct 7-11

Art X Painting

Vex 7 Clay relief

Coding see one note

Digital imaging see one note


Sept 23-27

Art X Patterns

Vex 7 States


Collage drawing

Coding see onenote

pacer news

Sept 9-13

Art X mixed media

vex value drawings

Photoshop one note

Coding see one note

Sept. 3 – 6

Art X still life with pencil

Vex 7 negative space with patterns

Photoshop lasso tool

Newscast watching the news.




Welcome Back

8-22 – 8-30


Class norms and school rules

Art  x Still life in pencil

Vex art 7 negative space with patterns

Digital imaging introduction to tools

Newscast Film with digital camcorder


June 3- June 13

Finals Finals Finals and come take your artwork home.

May 13

Critique Paintings

Complete Mural


April 29

Vex Animal paintings

Art X Sumi Paintings

Advanced Art Mural


April 15

Vex 6 lines and patterns

Vex 7 Clay Cold Pots

Art X linocut prints

Advanced art Paint the mural!

Feb 25- 3-1

Vex 6 Tree house paintings

Vex 7 Clay tiles

Art One Painting


Feb 4-8

Warhol Stencil Painting


Art X

Advanced Art

January 7-11

Middle school – Clay vessels

Hight School Linoleum Prints

Digital Imaging CD covers

Dec 3-7

Vex 6 Shading

Vex 7 Animal Paintings

Art X Scale Drawings

November 26-30

Vex 6 Painting

Vex 7 Me and my arrow

Art X portraits

November 13-16

Vex 6 Lines and Patterns

Vex 7 Names

Art X Chuck Close Drawings

Digital Imaging Fake News

Welcome to quarter 2 !!!!

November 5-9 introductions

October  22- 26

Grade 6 Clay

Grade 7 Cell Drawings

Art X Portraits


Oh my goodness it’s October already and progress reports are out.

Clay Clay Clay I know you’re aching to work with clay like Clay Aiken that American Idol contestant.


Art X Georgia O’Keefe homage paintings

Digital Imaging T Shirt contest

Vex Six Flower water color paintings and Color Wheel assignment

Vex Seven National Geographic Animal Paintings

HIP Fractions Fractions Fractions


Monday Sept 24- Friday Sept 28  Art One Line Drawings

Digital Imaging Layer Assignment

Vex 6 Line Drawings

Vex 7 Animal Paintings

Tuesday September fourth to September 7

excited to work with you on some projects.

Sixth Grade Art Introductions procedures.

Seventh Grade Art rules and procedures

Art Exploratory introductions and procedures

Newscast expectations  and procedures

Digital Imaging course syllabus review and expectations.


June 4-8 Art X Collage

Vex Water color and batik

May 29- June 1 Finish painting #two


April 30- May the 4th be with you

Art Exploratory – Lino prints / beginning our Andy Warhol paintings

Vex Carmen Garza style painting

Create a drawing in your sketchbook of a family tradition or event. Examine the work of artist Carmen Lomas Garcia.
Watch a video on her and her artwork HERE


pril 9-13

Linocuts linocuts linocuts.

Welcome to quarter four.

Vex we will be going over rules and procedures and starting our creative art adventure.

Art one continue our clay assignment and start linocuts.

Last week of quarter 3

March 26- 31 Clay vessels

March 19-23

Finish up on our Chuck Close drawing.

Get ready for clay vessels.

March 5-9

Getting ready for our Field trip to the MFA hopefully we don’t have a snow day.

Art Exploratory Chuck Close homage drawings

Vex 7th Grade Abstract oil pastel color experiment

February 26-March 2

Art Exploratory Chuck Close homage drawings

Vex 7th Grade Abstract oil pastel color experiment

February 12- 16

Art Exploratory Chuck Close homage drawings

Vex 7th Grade Abstract oil pastel color experiment

Vex 6th Grade Fantasy Treehouse paintings

February 5-9

Art Exploratory Finish Google Drawings

Vex Combine Drawings

January 29 – Ground Hog Day

Art One Still LIfe #1

Art 6 Value Scales

Art 7 Value Drawing

January 2-5

Empty Bowls

Chuck Close

Vex patterns

November 27-December 1

Cake paintings in homage to Wayne Thiebaud.

November 20-21

Gesso canvas

Wayne Thiebaud style cake paintings

Clay animals

Nov 13- 17

Clay vessels

Form vs Function

October 10-   Friday the 13th

Art X Linocuts

Advanced Art Self Portraits

Vex 6 Fantasy tree house painting

Vex 7 abstract

Sept 25-29 Collages

Grade 6 Art Combination drawings/ water posters

Sept 18- 22 Collages

Sept 8 -15 Still Life with plant Graphite or colored pencil.

Middle School Courtyard flower drawings in homage to Georgia O’keefe.

August 26-28

In the studio – For all classes

Introduction to rules overview of syllabus

Middle School Visual Art

Art Exploratory

Advanced Art

Podcast – Morning Announcements and news

Partake of same and straightaway

Podcast – Morning Announcements

August 29-September 1

In the studio – Value Drawings

Sept 5- 8

Art One- Color Theory  Introduction to mixing colors and making a color wheel. Exploring designs for pattern paintings.


May 30- June 2

Art X Monochromatic paintings/ Linocuts

Vex 6 Combo Drawings

Vex 8 Water color storyboards

May 1-5

Art X Critique

Vex 6 Water Color still life

Vex 8 Clay vessels


Art XStill life acrylic on canvas.

Vex 8 monochromatic painting

Vex 6 Clay monsters Bring in bags for HW


March 27-31 Art X portraits

March 20-24 Art X

Chuck Close portraits Large Grid Small Grid

Sixth Grade Combo drawings

Eighth Grade Color Theory Designs

March 13-17 Clean up all of the clay dust and begin Chuck Close style Portraits

March 6-10 Clay Aiken to work with Clay

February 27-March 3

Story Preservation Listening to and drawing birds

Exploring bird anatomy and natural surroundings.

Vex middle school Painting presentations.


Feb 6-10 Value Drawings!

January 30-Feb 3


January 17- 20

Art Exploratory Negative space drawings

Vex 6 Perspective drawings

Vex 8 Negative space Drawings

Advanced Art Patterns

January 9-13

December 19-20

December 12-16

Nov 28- Dec 2

Art Exploratory Google drawings

Advanced Art Google Drawings

Vex Google drawings.

Nov 14-18

Art Exploratory Lino cut prints are due this week.

Begin to choose image for Chuck Close style portrait

Advanced art Lino multi color reduction prints are due this week

Vex Storyboards

Nov 7-11

Art exploratory Lino cut prints

Advanced art Lino cut multi color prints.

Vex 6 combination drawings

Vex 8 collages

Oct 31-Nov 3


Blind contour drawing  Shading drawing!

Art exploratory linocut designs

Art Advanced linocut multicolor relief


Oct 24-28

Linocuts demo

Vex 6 perspective

vex 8 accordion panels with original stories

Oct 17-21

Vex 6 perspective

Vex art 8 – accordion story.

Art X Still life acrylic painting

Advanced Art Still life acrylic painting

Oct 11-14

Art One Continue pattern paintings

Art One Thumbnails to develop a strong composition

Still life Painting

Vex Art   Drawing and painting still life

Newscast review







Visual Art Middle School Course Syllabus

High School Art Class Contract
























May 9-13 photoshop the post office cancellation

May 2-6 Still going postal

April 25-29 Cancellation for the Post Office

Clay vessels

April 11-15 Sub

April 4-8

March 28-April 1

March 21-25

Advanced Art Acrylic Paintings

Vex art perspective drawings

March 14-18

Advanced Art Acrylic Paintings

Art Exploratory  Clay Vessels

Vex Art Hand building with clay



Leap year to March 4th.

Advanced art – still life painting

Art one clay days begin

Vex art portraits


February 22- 26

Art One Color theory

Art Two personal still life on canvas


February 8-12 Lino prints for art one

personal still life art two

February 1-5 Linocuts

Pinch pots

Vex Value drawings

January 25-29

Art one Lino prints and line work

Art two Pinch Pots

January 19-22


January 11-15

Art One canvas multimedia

Vex monochromatic self portraits

January 4-8

Vex Prepping for the monochromatic painting

Art One introduction to one point perspective…Drawing the hallway.

December 21-13

December 14-18

Art One accordion books

Vex color wheel


December 7-12

Art One accordion books

Vex art more clay vessels

Photoshop PSA designs

November 30 December 4

Art One presentations on linocuts

Vex art Yay clay!



November  23-24

Art One continue with he lino cut prints.

Podcast you know what to do and when to do it.

Digital imagine Landscapes

Vex art Designing a clay vessel.


November 16-

Art One Lino cuts Demo Monday Tuesday being designing

Digital imaging Making our CD unity is the key

Vex Art Designing our tree houses.

November 9-13

Art One – Fun with Clay

Vex art Shading

November 2-

Art one self portraits.

October 19-

Art one Self Portraits

Middle school art perspective with block letters.

October 13-16

Artist statements on paintings

in the studio….Self portraits

October 5-9

Painting close up flowers O’keefe style

Exploring Shutter speed

Digital imaging continue action photos multilayer collage



Digital Imaging Action photos


Digital Imaging – we’re working on layers


Dear Student,

First, I’d like to say welcome back or if it’s your first year welcome to Hinsdale Middle High School. I hope you had a great vacation.   I’m excited to start and I look forward to helping you create a lot of great artwork. If you have any questions just pop in the art room.  I can also be reached by email at

Thank you,

Tim Benson
Visual Art Teacher
336 5984 ext. 7827

August 26-28

In the studio – For all classes

Introduction to rules overview of syllabus

Middle School Visual Art

Art Exploratory

Advanced Art

Podcast – Morning Announcements and news

Partake of same and straightaway

Podcast – Morning Announcements

August 31-September 2

In the studio – Value Drawings

Sept 6- 19

Art One- Color Theory  Introduction to mixing colors and making a color wheel. Exploring designs for pattern paintings.

Photoshop Articles and advertisements. Manipulating abstract close up photos