Ms. Beaman

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21st Century Learning Expectations:

  • Hinsdale students will communicate through various means.
  • Hinsdale students will be able to solve problems.
  • Hinsdale students will take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Hinsdale students will recognize and demonstrate the importance of whole person wellness.
  • Hinsdale students will demonstrate technological fluency and adaptability.
  • Hinsdale students will demonstrate responsibility for their actions and choices.

Bring to class every day: Notes in binder, pencils, erasers, assignment book

Please make an appointment after school for additional help or book yourself to HIP!

All assignments are subject to change.

Period 2 Math Modeling: 3/26-3/30/18-School Enrollment project

Math Modeling Syllabus

Period 3 Business Math: 3/26-3/30/18-Investopedia and Stocks project

Business Math Syllabus

Period 4 Geometry Honors: 3/26-3/30/18-Vectors

 Mon- Notes on Properties and conditions of special parallelograms, Tues- wkst 6.4/6.5, Wed-Notes on Properties and conditions of kites and trapezoids, Thur- wkst 6.6,               Fri-Chapter 6 Test

Geometry Syllabus

Period 5 Algebra I: 3/26-3/30/18- Slope and graphing inequalities

Mon.-Practice point-slope form, Tue- practice point slope form, Wed- Ch. 5 Test, Thur-Fri- TBD

Algebra I Syllabus

Period 7 Geometry: 3/26-3/30/18-Laws of Cosines

Mon-Notes on vectors, Tues- wkst 8.6A,  Wed- wkst 8.6B, Thur- Quiz on Vectors, Fri- Notes on quadrilaterals

Geometry Syllabus