Special Ed.

Mrs L’Etoile’s Schedule 2014-2015

I can be found in the following General Education classrooms throughout the day.  Please follow the included links to my co-teachers’ websites for information about your child’s class in that subject area.

Period and Class Co-Teacher Link
P 1 Geometry Mr. Bradley http://www.hnhsd.org/teachers/?page_id=3153
P 2

(S1)General   Chemistry

(S 2) General Physics

Mrs. Lucier http://www.hnhsd.org/teachers/?page_id=236
P 3 Pre-Algebra Ms. Smith http://www.hnhsd.org/teachers/?page_id=3150
P4 – Planning (Study Hall Thursday)    
Pe 5 – Algebra I Ms. Smith http://www.hnhsd.org/teachers/?page_id=3150
P 6 – Planning    
P7 – Earth Science Mrs. Lucier http://www.hnhsd.org/teachers/?page_id=236