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ELO Students:

  • Check email daily.
  •  No ELO’s until further notice. 
  • Students should continue work on research paper due March 30. 3-5 pages and cover page and bibliography. Double spaced.
  • Mentor thank you speech due April 3rd. 2-3 minute speech about 1 page. Who they want to thank, open who they are and where ELO was, who/thank your mentor for……. This should be timed and rehearsed.
  • Write to ELO teachers about how each competencies and what tasks met their competency. Please make this specific.


  • Period 1:Prep/ELO
  • Period 2: prep/ELO
  • Period 3: Physical Science 8th 
  • Period 4: Life Science 7th 
  • Period 5: Life Science 7th 
  • Period 6:Earth Science 6th 
  • Period 7: ELO 
  • Advisory 11th in Mrs. Holmquist’s room 

****Please make an appointment after school if you need additional help.



(Extended Learning Opportunity)

Please see one note for the information to ELO’s.

Make sure to set up meeting times with me. Also, make sure to do your reflections.

Earth Science

Laptops: Students will be expected to use their laptops most days to assist the students in their learning. Today in our everyday lives we use technology to help us and we will aim to teach the students to do this from the beginning of school. We use excel, defined stem, office 365 (one drive, teams, yammer, etc) and the laptops to do research.


21st Century Learning Expectations:

  • Hinsdale students will communicate through various means.
  • Hinsdale students will be able to solve problems.
  • Hinsdale students will take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Hinsdale students will recognize and demonstrate the importance of whole person wellness.
  • Hinsdale students will demonstrate technological fluency and adaptability.
  • Hinsdale students will demonstrate responsibility for their actions and choices.

Course Material: Binder, pencil/pen, assignment book, textbook (covered), handouts

Format: Notes, discussions, group work, activities, labs, stations, handouts, inquiry, debates, projects, tests

Turning in assignment: Some assignments will be need to be turned in via email (send to, teams,  on one drive or handed into the physical bin in class. To be considered on time the assignment must be in before 12 am that same day.

Assessments: formative and summative (to include: projects, entrance tickets, exit tickets, in class work, group projects, debates, tests, labs, portfolio items)


Grading has changed to 70% assessments (including projects, lab reports, tests, quizzes, etc.), 30 % classwork (to include participation, writing, demonstration reflections, etc.)

  • Grades will be updated on Monday’s at 8am.

Help and Late work

  • If student’s need help the student should ask to schedule time with me to get extra help.
  • If an assignment is turned in late the following scale will be used to determine the grade: 1 day late -10 points 2 days late-20 points 3 days late -30 points
  • After 3 days, the assignment will not be accepted after the 3 day mark. The only exception will be if the student missed a lab activity and needs to make up the lab after school. However, this should happen in a timely manner.

Expectations of students: Be on time, do homework and classwork and turn in on time, be respectful, be here, be safe, be responsible and use agenda’s.

Please click on the link below to get the agenda’s, see standards, and homework.



The Formal Lab Report Template to Type into for ALL CLASSES!!!!!


A resource for citing sources:




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