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Sara Donahue, MSW, LICSW
School Social Worker
Alicia Kinson, MSW
School Counselor & Building 504 Coordinator

Please get the Child Protection Unit Permission Slips back into school as soon as you can. Miss Kinson is planning to begin teaching the unit in January. Your student will not be able to participate without the permission form. Please remember you are welcome to see the materials. Simply contact Miss Kinson to set up a time to view them.

New this Year!!! Child Protection Unit

The Child Protection Unit is being introduced this year to address an amendment to NH law. SB 460, also known as Erin’s Law, requires school districts to address the issues of child abuse and neglect as defined by RSA 169:C-3. The amendment specifies that school are also to address the issue of sexual abuse. To learn more about Erin’s Law please go to this website: It is important that we are using evidence based programming to teach students what they need to know to keep themselves safe and to help them learn. Second Step is a research based program. They have produced the Child Protection Unit to address Erin’s Law. To Learn more about the Child Protection Unit from Second Step please feel free to call or email Miss Kinson or visit this website:

October 2017

October is bullying prevention month. Again this year Miss Kinson will be teaching the Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit to grades K-5. Please look for the homelinks that will be sent home with your student. Please review these as bullying is a serious issue we are trying to eradicate from our school! Your children are learning the importance of learning to Recognize bullying, Report bullying, and Refuse bullying. 4th and 5th grade will also learn about the importance of the Bystander’s role in bullying. If you are interested in more information please feel free to contact her or look at some of the material at this link:

September 2017

The Hinsdale School District is continuing to promote the importance of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in schools. The Elementary School is using a program called Second Step. You will see homelink pages coming home with your student. Please take the time to review these sheets with your student. Research is showing that SEL skills are the foundation to students being able to achieve at their highest levels. Here is more information from Second Step about SEL in the graphic below!

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!!!

Home and School Connection suggest that daily conversations with children is very beneficial for their growth and development. Here are some questions you can ask your students at the end of the day:

  • What’s the coolest thing that happened today? What wasn’t so cool?
  • Pretend you’re the teacher. How would you describe the day?
  • What made you laugh today?
  • What was the most creative thing you did?
  • How were you kind or helpful today? Was anyone kind or helpful to you?

As always, if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us!


Section 504

Miss Kinson is the 504 Building Coordinator for the Elementary School. If you have questions please feel free to contact her. If you would like more information you can visit these sites:

From the 2016-17 School Year:

November is here already!

Mrs. Elliott has completed most of the lessons from the SecondStep Bullying Prevention Unit. Second Step has recently put out a new program that you may find useful at home. It is called Mind Yeti and can be found at this site:

This month’s lessons are on self esteem for Kindergarten, Telling vs. Tattling for 1st grade, Controlling Anger for 2nd grade, Friendship for 3rd grade, Tolerance for 4th grade and Cooperation for 5th grade.  

Mrs. Donahue has been sending weekly tips and reminders to staff this year. This week’s email reminds us of the importance of social interaction. Here is this week’s email:

“We’ve seen a 40 percent decline in the markers for empathy among college students – a drop that researchers link to the new presence of digital communication.” 
This quote comes from an article called “The Empathy Gap” that I’ve been reading in a clinical journal I get in the mail. It sends a poignant message about our culture being social skills deficient largely due to direct human interaction now being secondary to digital communication.
The Experiment of the Week is to NOTICE the quality of the “live” interpersonal communication (home and work – our own and those around us) - staff to staff, staff to student, student to student, parent to child, etc. Do we have more digital communication or more human communication in our days?
Fostering empathy in children is of primary importance because it lays the foundation for human interaction.  We can ask the children to practice thinking about the thinking of others:
    “What do you think I think about what you just said?”      “What do you think your friend is thinking right now after hearing your words?” 
Let’s work to try to close the Empathy Gap by paying close attention to our live action communication with each other and with our students, and by continuing to model the valuable skills like empathy in the work we do.


October is Bulling Prevention Month. Mrs. Elliott will be going into the classrooms to teach 4 lessons to each class from the SecondStep Bullying Prevention Unit. Please watch your child’s backpacks for the “Home Link” pages she will be sending home. If you are interested in more information please feel free to contact her or look at some of the material at this link:

School wide we are using the Second Step program to teach lifelong social emotional skills. Information on this program can be found at Below is one of the posters from the program. This picture taken from the following link;

As school counselors we both find the Love and Logic program and books to be wonderful resources for parents and teachers. Please let us know if you would like to know more! Or visit their site

Section 504

Mrs. Elliott is also the 504 Building Coordinator for the Elementary School. If you have questions please feel free to contact her. If you would like more information you can visit these sites: