Mrs. Perzan

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Quarter 4 Independent Reading Information 

Q4 Letter

Reading Schedule

3 2 1 Organizer

Week of April 9-April 13, 2018

7th Grade English Periods 1 and 3

Weekly Homework due every Friday: Independent Reading 3, 2, 1 organizer (see handouts above) 

Monday- Read The Giver Ch 9 and 10. Complete Lesson 8

Tuesday- Read The Giver Ch 11. Complete Lesson 9

Wednesday- Read The Giver Ch 12. Complete Lesson 10

Thursday- Cold Task Practice

Friday-  Cold Task


7th Grade Social Studies Period 4

Monday- Begin Reading Chapter 20

Homework: questions p. 288

Tuesday- Continue reading chapter 20

Homework: questions p. 293 and 296

Wednesday- Review

Homework: study

Thursday- Quiz

Homework: No homework

Friday- Newsela

7th Grade Science Period 6

Monday- Read The Final Digestive Process. Define vocabulary

homework: p. 71 Questions

Tuesday- Go over questions. Complete Guided Reading 

Homework: Guided Reading Packet

Wednesday- Chapter 2 Review

Homework: Finish Review

Thursday- Chapter 2 Test

Homework: no homework

Friday- Billy Nye: Digestion 

Homework: No homework