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Quarter 3 Book Report Information (entire 7th Grade)

You will choose an autobiography or biography. As you read you will be required to keep a reading log of information you have learned, which you will receive a project grade for. Instead of a written report you will give a presentation about the person your book is about. Specific requirements are explained below

  • Your presentation must be 5-7 minutes
  • Your presentation must include a visual (PowerPoint, poster, prop etc.)
  • Questions to address (you must answer all of these questions, but you are not limited to just these topics. You may need more information to meet the 5 minute minimum)
    • Who was your book about?
    • What was their childhood like?
    • What are some of their greatest accomplishments?
    • Who are some important people in their life?
    • Why are they famous?
    • What are some their character qualities and why? (see your characterization notes)
    • How has this person inspired you?
    • Would you recommend this book?

Important Dates Checklist

Tuesday January 30th Book Report Form    
Friday February 2nd Reading Log  
Friday February 16th Reading Log  
Friday March 2nd Reading Log  
Friday March 9th Finish Reading  
Monday March 12th Work on Presentation*  
Wednesday March 21st Presentations Begin   

*suggested date in order to be fully prepared, there will not be class time to work on presentations.



Week of February 5 – February 9, 2018

7th Grade English Periods 1 and 3

Monday- Making Connections, read “The Outsiders”

Homework: Text to Self Connections worksheet

Tuesday- Making Connections, read “The Outsiders” 

Homework: Text to world connections 

Wednesday- Review Connections, Finish “The Outsiders”

Homework: no homework 

Thursday- Connections Post-test, Begin watching “The Outsiders”

Homework: No Homework

Friday-  Finish watching “The Outsiders” 

Homework: No Homework


7th Grade Social Studies Period 4

Monday- Review Chapter 16

Homework: study

Tuesday- Chapter 16 Quiz

Homework: no homework 

Wednesday- Begin Chapter 17

Homework: Check your understanding questions

Thursday- Newsela 

Homework: Newsela

Friday- 20 Questions

7th Grade Science Period 6

Monday- Observe birds

Homework: Observation Analysis

Tuesday- Chapter 1 Section 3 Vocabulary

Homework: Finish Vocab 

Wednesday- Partner Read, Guided Reading

Homework: Guided Reading Packet

Thursday- Class Discussion

Homework: p. 23 1-2

Friday- Quiz 

Homework: No homework