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6th Grade Agenda Nov 4-Nov 8

8th Grade H Agenda Nov 4-Nov 8

Homework Policy

Homework is an important part of our students’ academic growth and development.  As part of our 21st century learning expectations, the habits of good organizational skills and time management are integral to task completion.  Homework is expected to be turned in on the due dates assigned.  Failure to do so will be reflected in your grade as follows:

One day late- 10 points off

Two days late- 20 points off

Three days late- 30 points off

No credit is given after three days

Exceptions are only granted with approval of both the teacher and administration.


Course Descriptions

Grade 6 Language Arts

Grade 6 Language Arts Sixth grade uses a variety of resources within the Reading Street series such as the practice, grammar, and spelling books. Within those three resources are vocabulary, language arts, and reading genres are intertwined within each unit. The focus is on comprehension, using the analytical skills of: sequencing of events, comparing and contrasting, and author’s purpose. Students are required to use their organizational skills to complete tasks and manage their time wisely in class and complete at-home activities. Students engage in their own learning while taking responsibility and ownership through participation, self-evaluation and reflection. Students will also be able to communicate effectively through narrative, informative, and argumentative writing.

Grade 8 English

In English 8, students must read and comprehend grade-level fiction and nonfiction texts. They must also be able to communicate their ideas orally and through written means, with particular emphasis on writing narrative, informational, and argumentative papers. Students read closely, applying reading strategies to compare and contrast texts. In extended responses, students routinely cite evidence to support their analysis of texts. With increased study of the author’s craft, students evaluate not only the writer’s point of view but also the social and historical context of his or her work. Students are required to participate as members of a literate community, discussing literature and writing, and listening respectfully to others.