Miss Cortina



I am Miss Cortina, a Special Education Case Manager at Hinsdale High School.

For the 2017-18 school year, I will be co-teaching the following classes, but please be aware that I adjust where I am based on student needs and this schedule is therefore estimated and due to change:

1st Period: American Studies I with Ms. Faloretti   OR   English 10 with Mr. Hammett


2nd Period:  English 9 with Mrs. Greene    OR English 11 with Mr. Hammett


3rd Period: Earth Science with Mrs. Raymond


4th period: English 11 with Mr Hammett


5th Period: Biology with Mrs. Chirichella OR Civics with Ms. Faloretti OR Civics with Mrs. Trombly


6th Period: Biology with Mrs. Chirichella


7th Period with Ms. Beaman


Email is always the best way to get in touch with me: