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Fifth Grade  ~ Miss Foster


Welcome to our class web page.  I am looking forward to a wonderful year.  This page will be a place to share important dates and information as well as information on our learning.

Our Weekly Specials Schedule

Monday- Second Step, Music    Tuesday-  PE 

Wednesday- Music

Thursday- Library       Friday- Art, PE

January News

Happy New Year! 

While it is a cold start to the new year, I am looking forward to many new and continued learning opportunities in our classroom.

Reading:  We will be finishing our novel, The Birchbark House.  This novel gave a unique perspective on Native American life.  We continue to read the selections in our Reading Street book also.

Math: It was a busy time for math in our room before vacation.  We finished our unit on fractions. We will be starting Unit 3 in Bridges math this month. This unit focuses on place value and decimals.  We will continue to review the fraction work as well. In Number Corner we will be looking at patterns and graphing, adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions and writing equations.

Social Studies: We will look at early exploration of our country by European explorers and the lands gained by this exploration. Geography and economics will also be covered.

Science:  Each week we explore a new science topic using Mystery Doug as a springboard. Students predict, look at information, and vote for the next topic.  They also write about the topic.  Our unit on the earth is ending and we will be using Defined Stem to look at the topic of arborists.  We are fortunate this year to have two science consultants working with us to redesign our science curriculum to meet Next Generation Science Standards.

Writing: Students write throughout every curriculum area on a daily basis.  We have incorporated narrative, informational and opinion writing.

Testing in January: It is that time of year where benchmark testing will take place. The week of January 8th, students will be doing a benchmark narrative writing sample. All grade levels will be participating.  We also will be giving the winter AimsWeb benchmarks in reading and math.  Starting the middle of January, we will be taking the NWEA MAP tests in reading, language, and math.  Both of these benchmarks were given in September.

September News

 web copy monarch

September has been a  very busy month.  Routines are being established and we are working hard on all subjects.  We have had the opportunity to watch seven Monarch caterpillars grow and transform into chrysalises.  Four Monarchs have hatched and been released.  Along the way students made observations, drawings and had good conversations related to this process.

Our new math program is off to a great start.  We are learning many new strategies for solving equations and students are enjoying the hands on approach this curriculum offers.  There are many opportunities to work in small groups, with partners and to present to the whole class.  We held our first gallery walk and baseball forum.

Each week, I am sending home a newsletter with information about the math program, important dates, pictures and a quick overview of our week.

MAP testing will be completed by Friday, September 29th.  We had to move two of our sessions due to technological issues. We also completed AIMsWeb testing this past week.