Aimsweb 1.0 Data Breach

On August 14, 2019, Hinsdale School District was made aware of a third-party data breach that occurred. As an AIMSweb 1.0 customer, we were notified that this Pearson product used for assessment purposes in our elementary and middle schools was affected by a data security incident. The student data affected in the case of Hinsdale is limited to first and last name, and NH State Assigned ID (SASID). The faculty data affected include first and last name and email address.
Hinsdale School District has used this product since 2010 and students who were tested during that time are impacted. Pearson has provided no evidence that any data was misused, out of an abundance of caution, our district wants to make you are aware of this incident. Free credit monitoring service from Experian is available to any student who was enrolled in Hinsdale School District from 2010 to present. Pearson is providing this free service as a precautionary measure. Please see the below enrollment information:
• If you are enrolling for an adult:
o Provide your activation code: PF7N9N97G
• If you are enrolling for a minor:
o Provide your activation code: 4GCYX5C69

If you have questions about the product please contact Experian’s customer care team at 866-883-3309 by January 31, 2020. Be prepared to provide engagement number DB12466 as proof of eligibility for the identity restoration services by Experian.

If the District learns anything new regarding this breach, we will communicate with you as quickly as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Pearson Clinical Assessment at or Director of Technology Deborah Child Trabucco at or 603-336-5984.

Hinsdale School District Aimsweb Breach Letter